Monday Look Back – Christmas Edition. 

Monday. Is it Monday? Nope – Bugger it’s Tuesday. Lets just pretend right? At Christmas it’s so easy to lose track of what day it is.

I am back in London and at work like Christmas never happened.

My 5 days in Norfolk Land were not enough that’s for sure. If only there were theatre jobs going Norfolk, then I’d be back to the fields in a heartbeat.

Last week mainly consisted of cuddling various animals, eating A LOT of food, seeing some friends and watching a lot of TV. That’s what Christmas is in our house.

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Monday Lookback – Blogmas Day 21.

Blogmas went well.
I got up to the middle of last week, then I was SO busy that I just couldn’t.
But at least I tried.
Well, what happened last week?
Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens happened. No seriously, my entire week pretty much revolved around that film. Meeting the stars, Watching the film, talking about the film, watching it again, listening to the score…
I am going to do a full post about the premiere in a few more days. I want to talk about the film so I am giving people as much time to see it as I can so I don’t spoil it for them.
But safe to say  I loved it. It was everything I wanted and more.

A VERY excited Mark Hamill!

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10 Days Till Christmas – Blogmas Day 15.


I can’t believe its 10 days till Christmas. It only seems like yesterday that it was December 1st and tomorrow is the 16th ( and Star Wars Premiere day too)

I go back to Norfolk next Tuesday as soon as I am done with work.

I might need to spend a day in Norwich, which will not be pleasant but there are a few presents that I still need to get. Dad is done and my brother is almost there, but my Mum on the other hand…. I have no idea. I might even see if I can get her to come shopping with me to get some clues.

The main thing I am looking forward to when home is (apart from hanging with the family) is just doing not a lot and eating ALL the cheese and crackers.

I cannot wait to go to the Waitrose cheese counter to buy the smelliest cheese imaginable. And some wine.

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A Monday Lookback Week 8 – Blogmas Day 14.

Last week was both uneventful and super eventful at the same time. The days I did nothing, I TRULY did nothing, just work. But on my busy days I was very busy.

On Monday I hit the Post Office festive queue to get my mail out before all the deadlines start hitting.I had some cards going out all over the world and parcel on the way to Italy.

Over the weekend I was lucky enough to win a competition for two tickets to The Danish Girl Premiere in Leicester Square. I wrote a full post about it HERE – feel free to have a read.

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I Need To Learn To Cook-Blogmas Day 10.

We are 10 days into Blogmas now and it’s time to start looking at New Years Resolutions. (yey?!?)

No beating about the bush here, every year I always make some and I very rarely actually carry any of them through. I do make a good effort, but there are no success stories so far.

Maybe this is the year?

Over the next few weeks I shall be letting you know what my resolutions are for 2016. Maybe putting them out on the internet will motivate me to do them. Maybe.

So what is my first resolution…..

Cook More Food.jpg

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