10 Days Till Christmas – Blogmas Day 15.


I can’t believe its 10 days till Christmas. It only seems like yesterday that it was December 1st and tomorrow is the 16th ( and Star Wars Premiere day too)

I go back to Norfolk next Tuesday as soon as I am done with work.

I might need to spend a day in Norwich, which will not be pleasant but there are a few presents that I still need to get. Dad is done and my brother is almost there, but my Mum on the other hand…. I have no idea. I might even see if I can get her to come shopping with me to get some clues.

The main thing I am looking forward to when home is (apart from hanging with the family) is just doing not a lot and eating ALL the cheese and crackers.

I cannot wait to go to the Waitrose cheese counter to buy the smelliest cheese imaginable. And some wine.

Sure when I stay at my Dads I don’t have a bed anymore, but the sofa is super comfy and my cat lives there! We watch awful tv, go down the beach and I might even go for a run whilst I am there too.

Oh and see friends. It’s  going to be a pretty nice *not quite*week in the countryside.

Today is just a little rambly post and a bit of a cop out but I have had about 3 hours sleep in my battle to get this….

That, my friend, is a wristband that will get me on the barriers at the Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens premiere tomorrow night, where I will be but meters away from some of the most memorable actors from my childhood, as well as the new stars. And JJ Abrams. And George Lucas. And maybe even John Williams.

Clearly there will be no post tomorrow as I am spending the majority of it standing inside a pen in Leicester square with thousands of other people.

You will get a sleep induced post on Thursday and then a full Premiere Report on Friday once I am all caught up on the sleeps.

See you Thursday!

Love Amanda






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