Festive Movies – Blogmas Day 1.

I am attempting Blogmas. I don’t know how long this will last, nor will all my posts be festive ones. But there will BE posts. Posts I hope will be interesting. ( how many times can I sat posts)

I thought I’d kick this thing off writing about something I am comfortable with.

Films. Festive themed films to be exact.

Little Women – 1994 – Directed by Gillian Armstrong.


Although this film spans many years in the life of the March family, it will always be something I turn to in December. I think it’s because it starts in the snow. It’s one of my favourite books of all time, but I can’t remember if I read or watched first. The copy I have of it is a really old hardback from the back of an old book shop on the Norfolk coast. It has pictures covered in tissue paper.

Either way I just remember thinking that Jo made the a really silly decision in turning down Laurie. Now I have grown up (*well*) I kinda get it.


Iron Man 3– 2013 – Directed by Shane Black.


This is the first of a few unlikely Christmas films on my list. It’s not become a Christmas tradition yet as its fairly new, but it’s going to be one of mine. You need a bit of Robert Downey Jr at Christmas.

I mean, It’s set during the holidays even if it was released in April?!? The kid is a right smart arse, it has a brilliant villain and Tony Stark is, well, Tony Stark.


While You Were Sleeping – 1995-Directed by Jon Turtletaub.


This film is in my top 5 films of ALL TIME. I can watch it at any time of year but always make an effort to watch it at Christmas, with a glass of wine and fairy lights in the background.

As an ex barista I can totally relate to Sandra Bullocks character – falling in “love” with someone you only see for 2 seconds a day. Even if I did get to talk to mine. I actually blame this film for giving me unrealistic expectations in love. Why did not of the hot business men I made coffee for have a brother for me to fall for?

Die Hard – 1988- Directed by John McTiernan.


Another case of unexpected Christmas movies – another action film. But what? It’s got Christmas Lights and music AND explosions. What more can you ask of a film.

Love Actually – 2003- Directed by Richard Curtis.


Back to the traditional holiday film. I remember seeing this more than once at the cinema and listening to the soundtrack constantly. It has the best cast ever, with some really great one-liners. It follows the lives of 8 different couples and the people in their life in the lead up to Christmas. With a cast that includes Hugh Grant, Emma Thompson and Alan Rickman you can’t really go wrong.

AND it’s not all happy endings like most Christmas films.

The Holiday – 2006 – Directed by Nancy Meyers.


The Holiday came out when was working at the cinema so I saw many times throughout December. Whilst I find the characters a little stereotypical, they are still as loveable. Even Jack Black, who’s films normally aren’t my cup of tea. It also had the added bonus of appealing to my love of film production – especially film scores.

Miracle on 34th Street – 1994 – Directed by Les Mayfield.


Ending this post on a traditional note. Who can’t love Miracle on 34th Street. All I remember as a child is that I would get really angry when he got accused of being a drunk. And being Super jealous of the house at the end.

It’s a film that will be saved right up till Christmas Eve if I can.

So that’s my list of films I will always go out of my way to watch at Christmas. That and whatever is on TV. I do love sitting with the Christmas TV guide planning what I can watch. That’s actually a good idea for a post if I make it that far.

See you tomorrow!


Snow Update– No snow 😦

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