A Monday Look Back – Week 6.

At the beginning of this week I was still suffering ( and still am a little) from whatever bug it was that caught me last week. Whilst I don’t feel ill anymore, I am still sleeping way more than usual and I am not actually hungry – I just eat because I know I should.


The week started with a tradition that I have had since 2002, when The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition was released.

I discovered Middle Earth when I read The Hobbit at around 9/10 years old. But I truly fell in love with it when I watched Peter Jacksons film in 2001. As soon as I left the cinema I got my parents to buy me the books and read them all over the space of a week. I couldn’t wait to till the following two Christmases to find out what happened to the characters.

My bedroom walls were covered in posters – many of which I still have today rolled up in a tube somewhere.

It was my first foray into movie fandom, and I went head first!

For those of you who don’t know, the extended editions come with up to an hour of extra footage edited into the film as well of HOURS of making of features. It became a tradition that I would get the DVD for Christmas, and would wait the appropriate amount of time ( what felt like an age) before disappearing up to my bedroom to watch all the extra features – in one go!

My parents were already used to my recluse behaviour with things like this, due to Harry Potter and my tendency to read the book on the day of release all in one go. They just left me to it, knowing I would appear when I had finished.

I was lost to a world of ‘bigatures’ and scale doubles. Of casting and scoring a film. Of actors learning to swordfight and ride a horse. As a budding actress at the time, this was all I could imagine myself doing in the future. I sometimes wish I’d have stuck it out.

I learned hundreds of interesting things from the audio commentaries over the film, which even now are still my go to when I need something on in the background whilst I am writing.

So that is how I spent ALL of Monday. I walked to Morrisons and picked up The Battle of the Five Armies Extended Edition DVD and walked home to watch 9 hours of making of features.

9 hours. I am kind of glad I was still ill as I didn’t feel guilty not doing anything that day.

But they were glorious hours, and it was only as I put the DVD in that I realised that this was the last time I would be watching Middle Earth related things for the first time. After this  – nothing would be new.

If you ever do have time to sit and watch these extra features, I really do recommend it. Just maybe not all in one go. I wish more films had such extensive extra features.

Now I think about it, it was a bit of a fandom week for me.


My thought pattern alternated between “YEY Bucky” and “AWWW Tony no!”.

The Captain America Civil War trailer came out of the blue early Wednesday morning.  I watched it in a half-asleep daze, then about ten billion more times at work when I was more awake.

I am both extremely excited and also terrified of this film. I’ve read Civil War. It is not going to be a fun film, no matter how much they change from the graphic novel.

Before Civil War happens, Star Wars Episode 7- The Force Awakens happens.

Another film I am extremely and scared for. *pleasebegoodpleasebegood*

On Thursday I went to Uniqlo on Regent Street to get a scarf for Bex.

And came out with a little bit of Star Wars merchandise.


A new gym shirt.



The warmest fleece lined hoodie in the universe!


Sorry about the awkward photos!

Thursday was also Thanksgiving in America – and so I did as the Americans do and had a turkey dinner and pumpkin pie for pudding. It was delicious.

On Friday I returned to the gym and died a bit.

Ok. A lot.

I must remember that it’s good for me. Even if I can barely move the next day.

The whole house was off on Friday so we got a lot of house stuff done. Including attacking the shed and them helping me move a wardrobe. I live with very good people 🙂

On Saturday, as predicted, I ached. A mixture of gymming and heavy lifting me thinks.

Sunday consisted of me putting clothes in my new wardrobe and consequently realising I have too many clothes. And so this years big sort out began. It’s an ongoing process that I feel will take some time. I wear the same things all the time so it shouldn’t be difficult. But it is.

So a little geeky rant and another pretty average week in my life.

That’s week 6 done for you!



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