BAFTAs Throughout The Years – 2011.

I arrived at the 2011 BAFTA wristband queue early Saturday morning, early enough that I was number 8 in the line. It was here that I really got to know the first of my queue friends, who you’ll see a lot of over the next few posts. It was Emma’s first BAFTAs, I think she was only 15 at the time, and Sam I had crossed paths with before but never got to know properly.  Having made friends with the rest of the people around us… we waited.

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The BFG UK Premiere.

The UK premiere for The BFG took place in Leicester Square on Sunday 17th of July. I have never been to a Sunday premiere so wasn’t hugely sure what to expect in regards to timing and busyness.

My friend Aimie, who I have known since 2011 when we met at the Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Premiere, was going to be “camping” out overnight for the wristbands at 6am. Because of the early wristband handout she had to camp as public transport that early on a Sunday – Nope.

So I decided to keep her company. At the time I knew I’d be moving back to Norfolk in the next month or so ( actually in 2 weeks I have discovered as I am writing this) so thought this would be a good little premiere to go out on.

The BFG is one of my favourite childhood books. The copy that I still have at my parents house is falling apart it’s been read so many times. For this occasion, I bought a nice hardback special edition from Waterstones to get signed.

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A Monday Look Back – Week 6.

At the beginning of this week I was still suffering ( and still am a little) from whatever bug it was that caught me last week. Whilst I don’t feel ill anymore, I am still sleeping way more than usual and I am not actually hungry – I just eat because I know I should.


The week started with a tradition that I have had since 2002, when The Fellowship of the Ring Extended Edition was released.

I discovered Middle Earth when I read The Hobbit at around 9/10 years old. But I truly fell in love with it when I watched Peter Jacksons film in 2001. As soon as I left the cinema I got my parents to buy me the books and read them all over the space of a week. I couldn’t wait to till the following two Christmases to find out what happened to the characters.

My bedroom walls were covered in posters – many of which I still have today rolled up in a tube somewhere.

It was my first foray into movie fandom, and I went head first!

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#Ihidbehindmyscarf: Crimson Peak Edition.

I don’t do horror films.

Mainly because of two reasons. I honestly think they are sometimes actually just bad films, and two – I am easily scared. Like, I can’t watch the trailer for the new Paranormal Activity film because it freaks me out too much, scared!

So what better an idea than to start a new series where I go to the cinema, scare myself sh*tless and then tell you all about it. (Luckily I am a Cineworld card holder so it’s not going to cost me the earth)

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