BAFTAs Throughout The Years – 2011.

I arrived at the 2011 BAFTA wristband queue early Saturday morning, early enough that I was number 8 in the line. It was here that I really got to know the first of my queue friends, who you’ll see a lot of over the next few posts. It was Emma’s first BAFTAs, I think she was only 15 at the time, and Sam I had crossed paths with before but never got to know properly.  Having made friends with the rest of the people around us… we waited.

This year I had a sleeping bag and a hot water bottle ( even though I had left the Novello I still had friends there that would fill it up)  – I was good to go and actually managed a decent amount of sleep. In the morning we received our gold wristbands and went to defrost in a coffee shop until we were allowed to find a spot on the barriers.

2011 BAFTA Red Carpet

This spot was to become our spot, and the place we have gone back to for the last 6 years.

2011 was my last year with the massive Nikon DLSR, not long afterwards I sold it. I figured I needed to get a camera that I could work with and understand rain or shine…but mainly rain.

Speaking of which…


It literally started drizzling as soon as Rupert Grint stepped onto the red carpet. Luckily it didn’t stop him signing.

Rupert Grint on the 2011 BAFTA Red Carpet

I should add that this was the year the we all started appearing in the BBC footage. The camera filming Grint basically passed us by whenever a star arrived. Nothing like appearing on the BBC looking like a drowned rat whilst the person in front of you has had ours of preparation and looks stunning!


2011 was the year that The Kings Speech won lots of awards. Tom Hooper’s film went on to win Best Film, Outstanding British Film, Original Screenplay, Best Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Supporting Actor and Original Music. Safe to say I think Hooper and his team had a good night!


Helena Bonham Carter-Who won Best Supporting Actress for her role in The Kings Speech.


Nicholas Hoult signed down the carpet followed by Best Supporting Actor Mark Ruffalo.


Andrew Garfield was nominated for the (then called) Orange Wednesdays Rising Star Award, but in the end that went to Tom Hardy – who I don’t remember ever seeing on the carpet. 


By now the rain had kind of steadied to a general constant pour, but thankfully this didn’t stop the starts taking their time and chatting down the carpet. In the position we were in here we were able to catch the stars before they entered the area where all the interviews take place and so they had a little more time.



Best Supporting Actress nominee Lesley Manville


A pixie cut Emma Watson


Samuel L Jackson


Emma’s mum had come with her as it was her first BAFTAs and she didn’t know anyone. Safe to say she was very happy and got to meet one of her favourite actors! She did then however let Emma come down on her own and meet up with us after that. One rainy red carpet is enough for some people!


Best Supporting Actress Nominee Amy Adams once again didn’t sign as she didn’t want to get her dress wet. At least she apologised as she went instead of ignoring her fans.


The last photo in my album of this night is of a smiling Tilda Swinton – who whenever i have seen her on the carpet, really takes her time to sign and chat with the fans.

Whilst this red carpet was not as soaking as last years, the constant drizzle was not fun at all. But we all arranged to meet up again in 2012 to give it another go! 

Some of us were already planning to meet up in the summer for The Deathly Hallows Part 2 premiere…. Which in the end turned into 4 days/3 nights camping in Trafalgar Square through all sorts of weather. It was an amazing experience and a lovely way to say what we thought was goodbye to the Harry Potter world.

Some of the people we met at that premiere would in turn become BAFTA queue buddies… I really need to come up with a better name for us.

Next time – it’s 2012!! Where our group swells in numbers, I have a new camera and IT DOESN’T RAIN!!

Thats right – no rain. Although that could be because it got down to -1!

Much love,

Amanda xx

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