BAFTAs Throughout The Years – 2009.

Having well and truly caught the Red Carpet bug last year, in 2009 we were a tad more prepared. As luck would have it I worked just around the corner at The Novello Theatre and  on the night before the BAFTAs they were doing an overnight get out, which meant access to the toilets. Because of this we decided to do our first “camp out”-and by that I mean stay awake all night because we were still not *that* prepared for the cold. A work friend Emma had decided to join Bex and I. She was from America and was up for experiencing all that London had to offer, so we gave her the experience of putting  your feet in a bag because you can’t quite feel your toes. Oh and meeting a few celebrities!

Wristbands acquired we continued to wait. Rain was forecast but having waited all night, we stuck it out! Due to our place in the queue we managed to get our first barrier position, a bit further down the carpet towards arrivals. We were behind this flame tower but all in all were still rather successful. ( and a tad warmer than others)


So as I mentioned, rain was forecast, and boy did it arrive. (although not as bad as the affectionately named Whitney year – which you’ll read about soon). Brollys were out in force and all my photos took on a sort of glittery glow. By this time I was definitely working with the Nikon DLSR that I had no idea how to use. At one point the rain got so bad that I wrapped it up in a plastic bag, pointed, clicked and hoped for the best.


We had a brief pause in the weather as the stars started to arrive. Up first was Eddie Redmayne in a beautiful velvet suit.

He was closely followed by Dominic Cooper.


Noel Clark arrived next, he would go on to win the Orange Rising Star Award!fullsizeoutput_5ee8

As Penelope Cruz arrived the rain started again. This made some of the arrivals not stop to sign, which in turn makes autograph dealers angry, and when they get angry they get rude, which in turn makes the stars not stop to sign. It’s a vicious circle I am sure in a future post I will rant very angrily about dealers, but for now back to the carpet.

Cruz went on to win Best Supporting Actress for Vicky, Christina, Barcelona – I went on to get soaked!


Nicholas Hoult arrived, followed by a very apologetic Amy Adams who didn’t want to get her dress wet.



The following photo of Jason Isaccs is my favourite photo from the night. By now it was bucketing it down and my camera was well wrapped up and set on automatic. I have never been able to recreate this photo – if anyone knows what setting I should use to do so, please leave it in the comments!


Mickey Rourke signed a long way down the Carpet. He went on to win Leading Actor for  The Wrestler.

Whilst he was signing Meryl Streep managed to slip through. Streep is our (excuse the phrase) white elephant when it comes to the BAFTAs. She has attended so many times and very rarely signs. One of my friends is a *huge* fan and we are hoping that 2017 is the year!


Meryl 1- Us -0

Daniel Craig took  his time and signed his way down the barrier, chatting as he went. Even now I do get some of the “best” mid conversation pictures – See the Captain America Civil War Premiere post – poor Chris Evans often gets caught.


Because of the weather there were a lot more attendees that I managed to get photo’s of. TBH I was a little worried for my camera by this point.  Emma Watson, Kate Winslet, Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie and Dev Patel and many more were all there… but the pictures were not brilliant. I have been lucky enough to photograph them on other Red Carpets though, so keep an eye out in future posts.

I think Emma enjoyed it, she certainly had a story to tell. This was Bex’s last red carpet. She did go on to make a mini documentary about the fans on the carpet at university though, even interviewing people at BAFTA for it. When that years post comes around I will link the video!

In 2010 I didn’t go to the BAFTAs. I can’t quite remember why, but I have a feeling it was to do with Twilight stars attending, and not wanting to have to camp more than one night which is what would have no doubt happened.

Thats laughable now when you think of how many nights I have slept outside for the BAFTAs and premieres. Little old me had no idea what was to come!

See you in 2011, where queueing gets serious and I meet some of the best people in it!

Oh and my photography gets MUCH better!

Much Love,



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