BAFTA awards

BAFTAs Throughout The Years-2008.

I have spent this morning playing with my blog and came to the realisation that even though I have been to the EE BAFTAS 9 times, I have only every actually blogged about it once… last year.

I honestly thought I had written about it more.

So in the next few weeks leading up to the 2017 EE BAFTAs, this year being held at the Royal Albert Hall ( a new adventure for all of us) I thought I’d do a recap post of each Red Carpet I have been too.

Working from the first BAFTAs I went to, which was in 2008.

In 2008 Bex and I had no idea what we were doing. We rocked up on the day at 6am, joined the not massive queue and got a wristband. It was a lot less organised than it is now, and I remember that at one point before we were getting wristbands there was a massive surge of people that would *not* happen now.


When we got on the carpet we were second row, which isn’t great for short people but we somehow managed to make it work. The photographs I took were wonky and blurry and we got shoved around way too much but for me that was it! I had the bug and there was no going back.

We found ourselves opposite E! Entertainment which gave us some entertainment in the hours we waited for the red carpet arrivals to begin.


Ryan Seacrest was even cool enough to film and narrate a video for someone on the barrier.

Being opposite E! meant that no matter what we were guaranteed to see most of the stars as they stopped for an interview with Ryan.


It also meant that whilst they were waiting TO be interviewed they would often spend a bit more time on our side of the carpet. As this was our first BAFTAs we really had no idea where to stand, so we definitely lucked out with this spot.

I can’t remember what camera I was using in 2008, It could have been a Nikon DSLR that I didn’t really know how to use. Because of that a lot of my photos turned out like this one of Rosamund Pike.


But then some of them turned out quite successful… if not particularly flattering.


The main reason Bex and I went to this was for a chance to meet some of the cast of Lord Of The Rings.  This was our first year at uni in London so premiere’s hadn’t been an option and with being such fans of Middle Earth we couldn’t pass up this opportunity.




Orlando Bloom BAFTAs 2008

We were quite lucky that we got to see Andy Serkis, Viggo Mortensen, Ian Mckellen and Orlando Bloom. We also witnessed a headbutt between Bloom and Mortensen, which watchers of the Extended Edition DVDs will get 🙂

Anthony Hopkins BAFTA 2008

This was the first and so far last time I have ever seen Sir Anthony Hopkins. I hope to see him again one day!

fullsizeoutput_3546 emily-blunt-1

fullsizeoutput_3ab6 fullsizeoutput_3543

(L-R Daniel Day Lewis- Emily Blunt- Sienna Miller and Hugh Laurie.)

A host of rather unflattering angles but I stuck my camera where I could and hoped for the best.


A very happy James McAvoy.


A little Daniel Radcliffe.

 I would go on to do a fair few Harry Potter Premieres after this. You can find a post about the Deathly Hallows Part One here!

Being towards the back actually gave us the benefit of being able to move about a bit and towards the end I found a little platform to stand on. By then it was too late but I did get this shot of Bex who obviously spotted someone exciting! Since then they tend to section off the barrier sections to stop this happening which is rather good as the BAFTAS seem to have doubled in size since this one.

We stayed mainly dry and not too cold. After having a post BAFTA discussion over a Burger King we decided that this was something that we would definitely be doing again.

As you’ll see in the rest of this weeks posts…. I haven’t actually stopped!!

Tomorrow… a slightly soggier 2009, where we camp out to get a better spot and we gain an American.

Much Love,

Amanda xxx

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