Moving back to Norfolk.


If you follow me on any social media you may have noticed that I am moving back to North Norfolk in the first week of August.

This move was always on the cards within the next 6 months. London is very expensive and our lucky housing situation wasn’t going to last forever.

I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon, and to have to move so fast. BUT I somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible….

I managed to get a paid theatre job in North Norfolk.

That is not to say that paid permanent arts jobs in Norfolk don’t exist, it’s just that no one ever leaves and when they do and the job is advertised it almost always goes internally.

The new job is at a venue that I have known since I was a teenager in a small seaside town. It was somewhere I had always wanted to work but never thought I’d actually get the chance to.

So that’s all good.

Since I got the job news I have been packing like a lunatic, throwing things away left right and centre. And I somehow still have a mountain of boxes to move this weekend. Dad is coming down to help me move, but  I am staying in London as I still have a few more shifts to do at both The Haymarket and Regents Park.
I start my new job August 15th.

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Regents Park on a cloudy day.

I am going to miss the people in London so much! It’s only a 2-hour train journey away so I doubt my theatre consumption will go down *that* much but I won’t have so many spontaneous nights out with the ladies. I am looking forward to spending a lot more time with my family and making new work friends as well as spending A LOT more time with the friends I’ve been missing whilst I’ve been bashing around London for 7 years.


I don’t think I am giving up or “failing” by moving back to Norfolk. Norfolk is not a fallback plan. I have lived a life in London and wouldn’t have got this job if I hadn’t learned the skills I have whilst being here. London was never going to be where settled down. Many people are moving out as they realise that things such as property are out of their range. Way out of any normal person’s range. A house isn’t in my immediate future, but it is something I would like to consider in the next 5 years, maybe even without having to be in a couple to achieve it. (Don’t get me started on single people not being able to get mortgages…. that’s for a whole other post one day)

So brace for a few moving blogs, such as what I will miss in London and things I am looking forward to in Norfolk. Creative, I know.

My Instagram game is about to go through the roof though! Think of all the sea sunsets and autumn nature pictures.

Much Love,

Amanda xx


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