Moving back to Norfolk.


If you follow me on any social media you may have noticed that I am moving back to North Norfolk in the first week of August.

This move was always on the cards within the next 6 months. London is very expensive and our lucky housing situation wasn’t going to last forever.

I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon, and to have to move so fast. BUT I somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible….

I managed to get a paid theatre job in North Norfolk.

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A Saturday Chat…

I’ve been a bit MIA over the last month. For anyone that knows me in real life they will know it’s because I have sprained my ankle and pulled peroneal tendons in my right leg.

I’ve not been up to that much at all, just resting and icing and resting some more. It’s still a tiny bit swollen and tinged a rather odd shade of blue-y green. It was quite spectacularly bruised.

I did it by falling over a pothole on the way to work. Full on arse over tit into the road too. I somehow made it halfway to work before being rescued by my boss, but by the end of the day I was off to A+E. I have spent the last three weeks on crutches and have had a physiotherapy session, with another one booked in next week.

The sprain is pretty much healed – but NEVER injure your peroneal tendons. It’s a full on constant deep ache in your calf and the mobility in your ankle is none existent.

Now I am getting back on track, back at the gym ( well, kinda) and am planning all sorts of shenanigans in April.

And I go back to Regents Park Open Air Theatre for the summer too.

You’ll get a three week Monday Look Back on Monday – covering the few things that I have done. It’ll include Adele, How the Other Half Loves and probably a lot of photos.

After that the blogging should be back in full force!

Enjoy the sunshine!!




Being 27…

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned the grand old age of 27.

I celebrated at midnight with a Hendricks G+T and then walked Misty first thing in the morning. ( I am really starting to enjoy these early morning dog walking sessions, but more on that another day – this ones going to be brief)
I had a hazelnut latte from Starbucks, a HUGE Five Guys burger as a treat for lunch, and then when I got home from work at 9 my lovely house mates made a yummy gravy dinner (meal of kings!)

I spent my birthday working so I could have this Saturday off for secret birthday shenanigans aka “Ominous No Jeans Social Gathering”. We are then also going to go and see “The Play That Goes Wrong” at The Duchess Theatre. Mo and Nancy have already seen it but had no qualms about watching it again, if it’s even half as funny as “Noises Off” then we are going to be just fine! I shall report the verdict back to you guys on Monday!

I am not sure what I think about being 27.

27 sounds awfully grown up and adult. Which I am most definitely not.

We will have to see what the year brings shan’t we.

What are your weekend plans?

Much Love


The Future….

It’s the final week of the season.

I have three front of house shifts, two cafe shifts and then we are done. The season ends on Saturday, but Saturday is also The Last Night of the Proms, so I won’t be working. I’m going to try my hardest to get to the after show party to say bye to everyone,  but if it’s been raining, I’ll have been outside all day and will be a wet mess.

Right now I am catching up on some weekend blogs, drinking a huge mug of coffee and planning out my week work/blog/gym wise. Although I always make sure that I gym on a Monday, I have SO much to do this week that I just couldn’t. Tomorrow is a random matinee so I will just have to make sure that I get up early and get my butt into gear!

I can’t quite believe that the Proms have come around already. I’m going to have to hunt for the GB flag, as it’ll be in storage somewhere, and start planning what drinks to take. Each year we run out of drink, and never eat enough. Each year we try and rectify this, but it never happens. There is about 16 of us going this time, and so it could end up being an epic failure.
As I am starting a new job in the next couple of weeks I am paling my finances for the next year. I am off to NYC in January of sales shopping and ALL THE THEATRE! We are going to see Hugh Jackman in The River, Glenn Close in A Delicate Balance as well as Alan Cumming and Emma Stone in Cabaret.  Keep in mind we are only going to be there for four days. 
We are also going to stop off at Rag And Bone to get the black (or maybe brown)  Harrow Boots I have been dreaming about for years. When we went to Bicester Village earlier on this year they didn’t have them, (but free jumper so no complaints here lol) but they will most definitely have them in New York.

Once we get back from NYC it’ll be time to start saving for Florida 2015. I’ve written a post about our trip to Florida in 2012 that will go up at some point this week, but we are going to revisit again next year, to see friends and obviously go to Universal to see the new section of Harry Potter World.

I think Mondays posts are always going to be brief, as they are often written on the spot and are the ramblings in my mind that I get at the start of the week.

Much Love


A fresh start in September…

The 1st of a month seems like a good date to start something new- so let’s start blogging again.

I can’t believe its September. Where on earth did August go. Porgy and Bess flew by, we’re into To Kill A Mockingbird.

Then unemployment looms.

I’ve got six interviews to week, all for jobs I want, in areas I am passionate about.  I’m under no illusion that I’ll get them all, but I’m dreading having to make a choice between two.  I had to do that for the job I’m in now,  and even though this one was a temp contract and the other permanent, I picked this one and I am so glad I did.  I’ve spent the summer outside, rain or shine ( luckily mainly shine- I’m rocking a farmers tan right now) and I’ve made some lovely friends.  If I can ( and if they want me) I’ll be back next summer!

But for now- big changes are on the horizon, which seems like a perfect time to start this up again.

So short but sweet for now!

Much love- A

In which I survive one week, cash only is the end of the world, and I meet the Jonas Brothers….

I survived a whole week. It is nowhere near as traumatic as people have been expecting, I have actually quite enjoyed it if I am honest.
Other than living in the hostel I really haven’t done that much this week, apart from work.
That was definitely the most traumatic thing to be honest, as you have no idea how rude people can get when they can’t pay by card. It’s like the world has come to an end. We couldn’t except Starbucks cards either, it was literally cash only.
Whilst at the moment it is back up and working, it is going to take BT a week to get the replacement parts to get it back up permanently. That pretty much sums up the british way of things in one sentence.

“Oh sure, a really important and vital part of anyones business, yeah, well we don’t keep spare ones in stock, it takes at least a week to replace.”

 I am just praying that it keeps on working, as it is Canada Day this Sunday, and I remember we were so busy last year, and if we can only except cash, we are going to loose so much money/I am going to want to punch a customer.
I even had one lady lift up the sign on the card machine that said “cash only” and try and pay by card, then she had the guts to say you should have told me. I frequently shout that we are cash only, and people still come up to the till with cards out – LISTEN ffs.
 As well as this the interweb was down, and the amount of people that wanted there money back was stupid –  because *I* should have been psychic and guessed that the reason they were here is because they wanted to use the net.

I also met the Jonas Brothers this week, well two of them, I had to google which ones, turns out it was the two that aren’t married. They were quite friendly actually, chatted with one of them – still don’t know which one it was tbh.
Now I know stars are people too, but I never would have pegged them for going into Starbucks and buying their own drinks – I was sure they would have someone who would do this for them. Turns out you learn something every day. (it was also funny because one of my colleagues froze, and then went – *that was a Jonas Brother* – to which we all went where?)

I still have another two weeks to go. We’ll see what happens.


Days 2, 3 and 4…


I’m still alive, and still living in the Hostel.

I’ve mainly just been working these last few days. I have probably really annoyed the people in my room by getting up really early, but I get all my stuff ready the night before so I can literally just slip out in the morning, without turning the light on and blinding everyone.

I watched both the Portugal vs Czech and Greece vs Germany games, in a room full of many different cultures, all wanting random teams to win, all though we all agree that Ronaldo is a bit of a twat.

Looking back on the reviews i can say that people where a tad harsh, sure it’s a bit scruffy, but I’ve seen the showers get cleaned twice a day, and breakfast is fine. They could do with updating there website to include recent changes, but I do feel bad for them.

New characters staying in the room include two American girls, who have been touring Europe, and are now on there last leg before going home. They are very funny and their pronunciation of London landmarks is hilarious, especially covenant garden. The rest are mainly the same, with a few people coming and going before I get to say hi. A really obnoxious Australian guy checked in last night and proceeded to talk (in a really loud voice) about how he booked a private room because he is going out and is going to get laid every night, and then produced to talk about each girl in the lounge in turn, including me. Devastatingly I am not his type.

My heart broke.

The things I have discovered by staying here is 1) I can sleep through nearly everything. One of the guys in the room really snores, but I am sleeping through it. 2) listening to people talk in there sleep in a different language is very odd. The person on the bunk above me practically had a conversation with himself at 6am today, but I have no idea what he said. 3) Watching Drunk people trying to get into the top bunk of a triple bunk bed is something everyone must do once, I had to help in the end she was laughing so much.

Last night I went to see Noises Off at the Novello, where I used to work.

It was defiantly one of the funniest things I have ever seen on stage, if you can get to London to see it in the next week before it closes -Go.

Over the next week I am working lots, so will hardly be there. Add in a bit more theatre and *hopefully* a good old England Vs Germany match if we somehow win tonight, and that’s all really. I’ll probably blog again on Wednesday when some of the people have changed, or anything happens.


Much love