Day One – Living in a Hostel.

And so it begins. My 23 days living in a youth hostel in central London.

I am literally around the corner from the War Museum, on a street that couldn’t be more London if you tried- Lambeth Walk.

Now it’s safe to say I did not pick this hostel for its glowing reviews. I picked it because it was cheap. Ranging between £9-£15 per night. The reviews are all over the place for this hostel, going from worst hostel in the world, to fine, and exactly what you are paying for. Even though I read the reviews I decided just to go ahead and book- money is not my friend, and I need to save enough of it as possible for Florida in September.


So I have only been here a couple of hours so far, and I will finish this entry in the morning when I have tried to sleep, but first impressions – not bad. Tis a wee bit on the shabby side, but it’s an old pub that’s been transformed, and we all know what old pubs are like.

The beds are tripple bunks, and I am living on the bottom one. There are plugs and lights next to every bed, and although it said they had curtains, they do not ( so I have a fancy towel/scarves thing going on) to stop my reading on the iPad disturbing everyone else.

When I arrived the room had one German guy, and two guys of indeterminable nationality. There was another one asleep in the corner too. I do wonder if the fact that I am in a mixed dorm means it will be mixed , or if it changes, and sometimes I will be the only girl? This is where it could get interesting.

All I used the kitchen for tonight was to make my pot noodle. But there is free breakfast tomorrow, and then I will also attempt to cook something, most likely either pasta or a jacket potato, so I will comment on the kitchen then.


Wow, isn’t my blog going to be thrilling for the next few weeks.


So along side the German guy I have a Russian, a Brazillian, a sweet old Dutch man and some girls I haven’t spoken to yet. One of them snores. I don’t know who. It’s a good job I can sleep through anything really. The only issue last night was that it was really hot. Tonight I shall sleep on top of my duvet, under a sheet.

I also learnt about how young Russians view freedom, and about monuments all over the world. The rest of today has been spent wandering the National Portrait Gallery, where I have come to the conclusion that religious portraits scare the crap out of me. The faces are always really creepy, for something that is supposed to promote faith there is also a lot of rape and leering at breasts going on. Who knows.


Until tomorrow!




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