Days 2, 3 and 4…


I’m still alive, and still living in the Hostel.

I’ve mainly just been working these last few days. I have probably really annoyed the people in my room by getting up really early, but I get all my stuff ready the night before so I can literally just slip out in the morning, without turning the light on and blinding everyone.

I watched both the Portugal vs Czech and Greece vs Germany games, in a room full of many different cultures, all wanting random teams to win, all though we all agree that Ronaldo is a bit of a twat.

Looking back on the reviews i can say that people where a tad harsh, sure it’s a bit scruffy, but I’ve seen the showers get cleaned twice a day, and breakfast is fine. They could do with updating there website to include recent changes, but I do feel bad for them.

New characters staying in the room include two American girls, who have been touring Europe, and are now on there last leg before going home. They are very funny and their pronunciation of London landmarks is hilarious, especially covenant garden. The rest are mainly the same, with a few people coming and going before I get to say hi. A really obnoxious Australian guy checked in last night and proceeded to talk (in a really loud voice) about how he booked a private room because he is going out and is going to get laid every night, and then produced to talk about each girl in the lounge in turn, including me. Devastatingly I am not his type.

My heart broke.

The things I have discovered by staying here is 1) I can sleep through nearly everything. One of the guys in the room really snores, but I am sleeping through it. 2) listening to people talk in there sleep in a different language is very odd. The person on the bunk above me practically had a conversation with himself at 6am today, but I have no idea what he said. 3) Watching Drunk people trying to get into the top bunk of a triple bunk bed is something everyone must do once, I had to help in the end she was laughing so much.

Last night I went to see Noises Off at the Novello, where I used to work.

It was defiantly one of the funniest things I have ever seen on stage, if you can get to London to see it in the next week before it closes -Go.

Over the next week I am working lots, so will hardly be there. Add in a bit more theatre and *hopefully* a good old England Vs Germany match if we somehow win tonight, and that’s all really. I’ll probably blog again on Wednesday when some of the people have changed, or anything happens.


Much love



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