In which I survive one week, cash only is the end of the world, and I meet the Jonas Brothers….

I survived a whole week. It is nowhere near as traumatic as people have been expecting, I have actually quite enjoyed it if I am honest.
Other than living in the hostel I really haven’t done that much this week, apart from work.
That was definitely the most traumatic thing to be honest, as you have no idea how rude people can get when they can’t pay by card. It’s like the world has come to an end. We couldn’t except Starbucks cards either, it was literally cash only.
Whilst at the moment it is back up and working, it is going to take BT a week to get the replacement parts to get it back up permanently. That pretty much sums up the british way of things in one sentence.

“Oh sure, a really important and vital part of anyones business, yeah, well we don’t keep spare ones in stock, it takes at least a week to replace.”

 I am just praying that it keeps on working, as it is Canada Day this Sunday, and I remember we were so busy last year, and if we can only except cash, we are going to loose so much money/I am going to want to punch a customer.
I even had one lady lift up the sign on the card machine that said “cash only” and try and pay by card, then she had the guts to say you should have told me. I frequently shout that we are cash only, and people still come up to the till with cards out – LISTEN ffs.
 As well as this the interweb was down, and the amount of people that wanted there money back was stupid –  because *I* should have been psychic and guessed that the reason they were here is because they wanted to use the net.

I also met the Jonas Brothers this week, well two of them, I had to google which ones, turns out it was the two that aren’t married. They were quite friendly actually, chatted with one of them – still don’t know which one it was tbh.
Now I know stars are people too, but I never would have pegged them for going into Starbucks and buying their own drinks – I was sure they would have someone who would do this for them. Turns out you learn something every day. (it was also funny because one of my colleagues froze, and then went – *that was a Jonas Brother* – to which we all went where?)

I still have another two weeks to go. We’ll see what happens.


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