Being 27…

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned the grand old age of 27.

I celebrated at midnight with a Hendricks G+T and then walked Misty first thing in the morning. ( I am really starting to enjoy these early morning dog walking sessions, but more on that another day – this ones going to be brief)
I had a hazelnut latte from Starbucks, a HUGE Five Guys burger as a treat for lunch, and then when I got home from work at 9 my lovely house mates made a yummy gravy dinner (meal of kings!)

I spent my birthday working so I could have this Saturday off for secret birthday shenanigans aka “Ominous No Jeans Social Gathering”. We are then also going to go and see “The Play That Goes Wrong” at The Duchess Theatre. Mo and Nancy have already seen it but had no qualms about watching it again, if it’s even half as funny as “Noises Off” then we are going to be just fine! I shall report the verdict back to you guys on Monday!

I am not sure what I think about being 27.

27 sounds awfully grown up and adult. Which I am most definitely not.

We will have to see what the year brings shan’t we.

What are your weekend plans?

Much Love


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