Putting On The Ritz…

Living in London you always have a list of things you really should do but never get around too, or are saving for a special occasion.

This weekend was one of those occasions.

My best friend and I have birthdays very close to each other, so we often have double celebrations. This also often makes it easier for our friends too who plan theses surprises. Since May I have had ” ominous no jeans social gathering” in my diary, and Mo and Nancy have kept a lid on what we were up to. We planned theatre in the evening, but we’re told to keep the afternoon free. And to not wear jeans.

So Saturday morning I ran (read: moved at a fast pace) 5k and then donned the glad rags for whatever the afternoon had in store. You can tell I am new at this blogging malarkey, I should have taken a photo of my outfit. We met the ladies in Piccadilly Circus and walked down the road – to The Ritz.

Afternoon Tea at The Ritz can now be crossed off the list.

Stepping into that building was like stepping back in time. It was a miserable Saturday outside but everything brightened up in there. We left our coats and umbrellas in the clokeroom and were shown to our table. A harpist played in the background whilst you heard the tinkling of China. It felt very Downton-esq, with the smell of lilies filling the air. ( a smell I actually do not particularly enjoy- I worked at too many weddings as a teenager)

From a wide selection of teas we all chose The Ritz blend and helped ourselves to mini sandwiches full of salmon, ham, and not forgetting cucumber. Scones and clotted cream followed by the cake trolley, where we all couldn’t choose (wanted both) so had a slice of both lemon drizzle and Bakewell tart.
By the end of the sitting we were all full of tea and cake and needed to walk it off !


This was one of those moments where part of you wishes you’d taken more photos, but it’s good to know that we were having such a good time that the thought to break out your camera never had a chance to cross you mind.
If Mo and Nancy are reading this, thank you for treating Bex and I to a very special afternoon!

Next Saturday’s second birthday celebrations (closer to Bex’s birthday) are far more childish – you’ll see!

Let me know about any of your special birthday memories in the comments below, I’m still in such a birthday mood and would love to read them!

Much love,
-amanda x

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