Moving back to Norfolk.


If you follow me on any social media you may have noticed that I am moving back to North Norfolk in the first week of August.

This move was always on the cards within the next 6 months. London is very expensive and our lucky housing situation wasn’t going to last forever.

I just wasn’t expecting it to be so soon, and to have to move so fast. BUT I somehow managed to do the seemingly impossible….

I managed to get a paid theatre job in North Norfolk.

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Being 27…

It was my birthday yesterday. I turned the grand old age of 27.

I celebrated at midnight with a Hendricks G+T and then walked Misty first thing in the morning. ( I am really starting to enjoy these early morning dog walking sessions, but more on that another day – this ones going to be brief)
I had a hazelnut latte from Starbucks, a HUGE Five Guys burger as a treat for lunch, and then when I got home from work at 9 my lovely house mates made a yummy gravy dinner (meal of kings!)

I spent my birthday working so I could have this Saturday off for secret birthday shenanigans aka “Ominous No Jeans Social Gathering”. We are then also going to go and see “The Play That Goes Wrong” at The Duchess Theatre. Mo and Nancy have already seen it but had no qualms about watching it again, if it’s even half as funny as “Noises Off” then we are going to be just fine! I shall report the verdict back to you guys on Monday!

I am not sure what I think about being 27.

27 sounds awfully grown up and adult. Which I am most definitely not.

We will have to see what the year brings shan’t we.

What are your weekend plans?

Much Love


The Future….

It’s the final week of the season.

I have three front of house shifts, two cafe shifts and then we are done. The season ends on Saturday, but Saturday is also The Last Night of the Proms, so I won’t be working. I’m going to try my hardest to get to the after show party to say bye to everyone,  but if it’s been raining, I’ll have been outside all day and will be a wet mess.

Right now I am catching up on some weekend blogs, drinking a huge mug of coffee and planning out my week work/blog/gym wise. Although I always make sure that I gym on a Monday, I have SO much to do this week that I just couldn’t. Tomorrow is a random matinee so I will just have to make sure that I get up early and get my butt into gear!

I can’t quite believe that the Proms have come around already. I’m going to have to hunt for the GB flag, as it’ll be in storage somewhere, and start planning what drinks to take. Each year we run out of drink, and never eat enough. Each year we try and rectify this, but it never happens. There is about 16 of us going this time, and so it could end up being an epic failure.
As I am starting a new job in the next couple of weeks I am paling my finances for the next year. I am off to NYC in January of sales shopping and ALL THE THEATRE! We are going to see Hugh Jackman in The River, Glenn Close in A Delicate Balance as well as Alan Cumming and Emma Stone in Cabaret.  Keep in mind we are only going to be there for four days. 
We are also going to stop off at Rag And Bone to get the black (or maybe brown)  Harrow Boots I have been dreaming about for years. When we went to Bicester Village earlier on this year they didn’t have them, (but free jumper so no complaints here lol) but they will most definitely have them in New York.

Once we get back from NYC it’ll be time to start saving for Florida 2015. I’ve written a post about our trip to Florida in 2012 that will go up at some point this week, but we are going to revisit again next year, to see friends and obviously go to Universal to see the new section of Harry Potter World.

I think Mondays posts are always going to be brief, as they are often written on the spot and are the ramblings in my mind that I get at the start of the week.

Much Love


Now We Are Free…

I haven’t blogged in ages, for many reasons.

The main one being coursework – and lots of it. A few 4000 word reports and my 10,000 word dissertation.

As of May 29th 2012, when I was in Greece, but one of my lovely friends handed in my last report – I am free.

I have always been in education. I may moan about it constantly, but three days into ‘real life’ and I am already kind of at a loss as to what to do.

Which leads to the question, what do grown ups do. (The fact that I am using the term grown-up shows that I still think of myself as Peter Pan-esq.)

Some work. Some get married and have children. The brave do all three at once. But what do I do.

I have an Arts Management Degree, well I will after July 25th when I get to wear a silly outfit and receive a piece of paper. But what do I do with it?

Part of me thinks that I won’t end up using it. Sure I will use the fact that I got a degree to my favour, but the specifics of it not so much.

The fact that I have fallen out of love with London at the moment doesn’t help. I hate it. I have been there pretty much 4 years, and it makes me angry. I love my London family, and they make it worth it, but escape is needed. The issue then is that Norfolk hasn’t the best opportunities for arts graduates – I should know, it is partly what I wrote 10,000 words on after all.

So what do I do?

Make a clean break for it and move somewhere completely new?
Suck it up, work for a year and travel?
Potter around in Norfolk, working random jobs and never really do anything?

I need to be in London. I don’t want to be there, and I can’t really afford it either.

So what do I do exactly?

Oh the dilemma….

Answers on a postcard please.


Tonight I had a sharp realisation about why I love Norfolk, and appreciate it so much more now I’ve “done” London.
I took my dog for a walk, wearing the most amazing high vis jacket may I add.
It was so quiet, and there was no light pollution.
We didn’t see anyone for a whole 45 minuets.
It was bliss!

This morning I went to look at “my house”. It’s the house I tried to buy last summer, but got beaten by the mortgage companies. Even though I earn enough, the taboo of “student” was enough to deter them. It doesn’t matter that I am nearing 25.

A year later, and the house is still on the market. STILL. It’s like it’s waiting for me.
So I went to see it again. It’s still as perfect as I remember it, and it feels even more like home than ever.
It’s a tiny, wonky little weavers cottage. With low ceilings, sloping floors and the most perfect mess of a garden ever. The stair case is even in the cupboard!
I could literally move in today and never move out again.

Now I just have to hope it continues to wait for me, just a few more months, whilst I go and do battle with the money people.

Now I must shower, as I am off to the pub with mine mother dearest.

That is how a single girl in the middle of rural-land spends her saturday nights.

deal with it!


There is this thing called blogging….

I should try it some time really.

Its been over six months since I last blogged. I would like to say that it is because I have been super busy with work, university and my stunning social life.

But alas no.

Nothing has really happened, and that is why I haven’t blogged.

So over the next month I am probably going to do an epic catch up series of blogs, creating an account of the few interesting things that have happened.

Obviously during the time I spend blogging I should really be doing my Dissertation. Should being the key word in that sentence.

So brace yourselves for a deluge of posts and photos. Many of which will be un interesting. And watch me spend the next 10 months trying to figure out what grown ups do. Because I am soon to be 25, and should really get married, have a mortgage and a baby – as that is what 80% of my school year have done.
(insert sarcasm here)

Much love


Life, and what to do with it…..

It’s coming towards the end of the year again (already?) and so I delve into the ‘what am I doing’ scenarios again.

Update from last years WDIWTDWML* question.

I have a year and a half left of university, which, if going by this semester is going to fly by, and then I will be done.
What do I do then?
I will not move back to Norfolk. Don’t get me wrong I love the place, but I can’t live there.
Even when I go back for a few days it feels like I am hitting my head against a brick wall. Walking through Walsham, whilst greatly entertaining, reminds me what I do not want to end up doing.
When I was a little, I wanted to be lots of things. Like a Vet, until I realised that I was awful at Science. Then I discovered I was ok at drama, and that took over my life for most of my teenage years. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, I was going to become the Norfolk version of Kerry Ellis, and randomly get discovered by Brian May, who would right a part in a musical specifically for me. Done. Thank you very much, see you on Broadway!

Until I went to Uni1- and discovered that I hated it. Loosing my voice and not getting into RWCMD didn’t help, but I detested London Met. Too much of this spoon represents your life, create a dance peace that represents this spoon” type of drama. It was always fun watching other people take it so seriously though.

SO I had a gap year, stayed in London with my best friend, in the worst flat in the world. I worked Front Of House for Delfont Mackintosh, and after spending far too much time inside these amazing buildings decided that I could be a theatre manager. So I went through the UCAS system again, this time looking for Arts Management courses, and ended up getting into London Southbank University, which is where I am still at today.

But the issue is that I am now bored of that too. Sure I love theatre and I know I will probably end up working in it in some way, shape or form, but it’s not what I want to do, Its just what I CAN do.

So the next few months are basically going to be me searching for something to do.
Anything to do.

Wow, it’s like I’m looking for my calling.

How self centered is that?

Well, it is my blog, if I am going to be self centered it’s ok if it’s here.

*WDIWTDWMY = what do I want to do with my life?