The Future….

It’s the final week of the season.

I have three front of house shifts, two cafe shifts and then we are done. The season ends on Saturday, but Saturday is also The Last Night of the Proms, so I won’t be working. I’m going to try my hardest to get to the after show party to say bye to everyone,  but if it’s been raining, I’ll have been outside all day and will be a wet mess.

Right now I am catching up on some weekend blogs, drinking a huge mug of coffee and planning out my week work/blog/gym wise. Although I always make sure that I gym on a Monday, I have SO much to do this week that I just couldn’t. Tomorrow is a random matinee so I will just have to make sure that I get up early and get my butt into gear!

I can’t quite believe that the Proms have come around already. I’m going to have to hunt for the GB flag, as it’ll be in storage somewhere, and start planning what drinks to take. Each year we run out of drink, and never eat enough. Each year we try and rectify this, but it never happens. There is about 16 of us going this time, and so it could end up being an epic failure.
As I am starting a new job in the next couple of weeks I am paling my finances for the next year. I am off to NYC in January of sales shopping and ALL THE THEATRE! We are going to see Hugh Jackman in The River, Glenn Close in A Delicate Balance as well as Alan Cumming and Emma Stone in Cabaret.  Keep in mind we are only going to be there for four days. 
We are also going to stop off at Rag And Bone to get the black (or maybe brown)  Harrow Boots I have been dreaming about for years. When we went to Bicester Village earlier on this year they didn’t have them, (but free jumper so no complaints here lol) but they will most definitely have them in New York.

Once we get back from NYC it’ll be time to start saving for Florida 2015. I’ve written a post about our trip to Florida in 2012 that will go up at some point this week, but we are going to revisit again next year, to see friends and obviously go to Universal to see the new section of Harry Potter World.

I think Mondays posts are always going to be brief, as they are often written on the spot and are the ramblings in my mind that I get at the start of the week.

Much Love


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