Tonight I had a sharp realisation about why I love Norfolk, and appreciate it so much more now I’ve “done” London.
I took my dog for a walk, wearing the most amazing high vis jacket may I add.
It was so quiet, and there was no light pollution.
We didn’t see anyone for a whole 45 minuets.
It was bliss!

This morning I went to look at “my house”. It’s the house I tried to buy last summer, but got beaten by the mortgage companies. Even though I earn enough, the taboo of “student” was enough to deter them. It doesn’t matter that I am nearing 25.

A year later, and the house is still on the market. STILL. It’s like it’s waiting for me.
So I went to see it again. It’s still as perfect as I remember it, and it feels even more like home than ever.
It’s a tiny, wonky little weavers cottage. With low ceilings, sloping floors and the most perfect mess of a garden ever. The stair case is even in the cupboard!
I could literally move in today and never move out again.

Now I just have to hope it continues to wait for me, just a few more months, whilst I go and do battle with the money people.

Now I must shower, as I am off to the pub with mine mother dearest.

That is how a single girl in the middle of rural-land spends her saturday nights.

deal with it!


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