Church on a Sunday…

One of the disadvantages of having a 10 year old sibling is when they decide to get up at 6am on a Sunday.
I managed to get another hour of sleep, but then it hit 7.30 and that was it. 
So I decided to go to Church.

Obviously by that I don’t mean an actual service, but I went for a walk down to my “local” (read: middle of nowhere) Church to take some photographs.

About 3 years ago we had a massive swarm of ladybirds. Anyone who lives in Norfolk will remember this, and people who live elsewhere will not have an inkling of what a swarm of ladybirds is like.

Watch the video at the end of the blog…

But all in all it was a lovely morning, and now I have to find something to do with the rest of my day….
Oh wait, no I don’t.
Damn you dissertation.

Much love


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