The Hobbit – Battle Of the Five Armies World Premiere.

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At the end of November I decided to sleep outside for two nights. With no tent.
In Leicester Square, Central London.
For those of you who know me in real life, you know that’s not the longest I have slept outside for a premiere. I realise how mad I am, but I kind of enjoy the adventure. And as this was the last Middle Earth related premiere, it was now or never.
It was cold, I got very little sleep, but I did get wristband number 17. Out of 2000+
So not bad going really.
Early Monday December 1st we all piled back into Leicester Square, got in number order, and waited.
And waited some more.
Eventually we were let into the ‘pens’. I do hate that word but in all honesty it is the best way to describe them.
Once we got our prime ‘Red Carpet’ spot we waited some more. It got dark. They lit the flaming torches, and we passed the time by getting the press to touch the tongue of the girl who had the most amazing Smaug cosplay I have ever seen. (the tongue of the dragon btw, not HER tongue, that would be all kinds of nasty!)
The following pictures of some of many I took that night. 
Some are screen grabs of footage I filmed, some are photos. 
I am not on my computer at the moment so will add some more later, especially of the Smaug Cosplay, and her getting it signed by Benedict Cumberbatch.
Jed Brophy – aka Nori.
The magnificent Lee Pace – Thranduil.
The man himself – Martin Freeman.
Richard Armitage – Thorin.
Eveangeline Lilly – who came out a strange shade of orange in this photo hence the B+W.
EEEEEE!!! Orlando Bloom. 12 year old me would have died being this close to him, this is not zoomed – he really was that close.
Gandalf – Um, I mean Sir Ian Mckellen.
Aidan Turner aka Kili. You know, one of the ‘hot’ dwarves.

This was the only picture I got taken with any of the actors, I don’t normally do them very often, partly because I look like I have been queuing for hours, (which I normally have been tbh) but mainly because I am focusing on my own photography, and everyone passes by so fast.

That said this time round I did go for some autographs, but I will never do that again, because I can’t juggle my camera and the thing I want signed very well.

At all.

Which is why the map is upside-down.

Oh well.

The entire experience was worth it, and thats what matters most.

That said, I would love to talk to Warner Brothers about the way they organise premières. It was a shambles, and my inner event management student was screaming at the mess they made of it. Do not announce very important details about a one off event that people are travelling in from all over the world for at 4pm, two days before said event. There were a lot of very disappointed and angry fans who had arranged travel months in advance.

But hey. If they want to hire me to help plan premières they can!

Much Love

Church on a Sunday…

One of the disadvantages of having a 10 year old sibling is when they decide to get up at 6am on a Sunday.
I managed to get another hour of sleep, but then it hit 7.30 and that was it. 
So I decided to go to Church.

Obviously by that I don’t mean an actual service, but I went for a walk down to my “local” (read: middle of nowhere) Church to take some photographs.

About 3 years ago we had a massive swarm of ladybirds. Anyone who lives in Norfolk will remember this, and people who live elsewhere will not have an inkling of what a swarm of ladybirds is like.

Watch the video at the end of the blog…

But all in all it was a lovely morning, and now I have to find something to do with the rest of my day….
Oh wait, no I don’t.
Damn you dissertation.

Much love


BAFTAS – February 12th 2012

Having a film award ceremony in February in the UK has always struck me as odd. If it’s not raining it’s snowing, and no matter what – it is going to be very cold.
That said, the BAFTAS were held last weekend, and as with age old tradition, I decided to camp out for the red carpet.

In previous years this has not been too traumatic, never below zero anyway. But this year was an exception. Over the past few weeks we have had some of the coldest temperatures ever, in some places plummeting to -16. Did this put us off, it did not!

So at 2am Saturday morning, we arrived, camping chairs, sleeping bags and all, and set up shop down the side of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane. We were numbers 1 to 4 in the line,  ( personally I was number 4)

 That night it got down to -7. I can safely say I have never been so cold in my life. The worst part of all this was at about 5.30 am, when nature called, and I had to make myself get out of my sleeping bag, and walk 15 mins to the nearest 24 hours facilities.  As soon as I returned I was back in that bag.

As the day went on, more people (very slowly) joined the queue. Very slowly. In previous years by 11am on the Saturday there are 50+ people, but by then there was only 10. We think this is due to the weather putting people off. ( That and there being no Twilight stars in attendance).
To pass time during the day we made human pyramids for a stag party, got free ice cream, and owled away.
There were a lot of difficulties with the Theatre Royal this year that there have not been in past years, they did not like the fact that we were waiting down the side of their building, even though all the fire exits were clear, and half the path. This was something that obviously BAFTA had assumed would be ok, and never liaised with the theatre. Consequently there was always the threat of being moved out of the way, and loosing our place in the line.

When the evening show happened the theatre decided that we were in the way and told us to leave. So we decided to take it upon us to create a list of the people in the line, and told people to go, and not come back till the theatre had locked up at 10.30. This method was actually very successful, both that evening, and in the morning when the wristbands were given out, as we had a list of the first 100+ people in the line, and therefore no one could push in, and people could not sneak their friends in in the morning.

Wristbands were handed out at 8am on the Sunday, after which we were free to go, and come back at 12.30. Being very protective of our place in line, there was always two from our troupe there, to ensure our place, as people can be very rude and pushy, even if their wristband says 504, and not 004.

They moved us into the pens around 1pm, to avoid problems with the theatre, who had a Sunday Matinee, and from then on, in all honesty, it’s a bit of a blur.
We watched the carpet be put down, and the comings and goings of crew members. As this is possiably an area I could go into when I graduate, I am normally watching the entire thing, making mental notes as to what is going on, and who does what.

The stars started arriving just before 5pm, and by 7pm it was all over. The following photos are a few of what I took that night, in no particular order…

This is what you look like after 2 nights at -7

I really do like this picture of Tom Hiddleston and me – even if I look rough as!

And the general madness of the red carpet.

It was all very much worth it, and as much as I say it was really cold, I will most likely do it again next year, that is unless I am working for the company that sets it all up!

Much love


(top to bottom)
Brad Pitt, Colin Firth, Chris Hemsworth, Christina Hendricks, Chris O’Dowd, Eddie Redmayne, George Clooney, Jessica Chastain, Me and John Hamm, Richard E Grant, Tom Hiddleston, Tom Hiddleston and me, and just general carpetness!)

March and April….

I went to Colorado to see the much missed Victoria (who is currently in London – YEY).
I had an awesome time, but whilst I was there I….

…may have accidentally bought an iPad.

 Which has provided hours of fun and games, but also has successfully managed to distract me from doing my Uni work.
This year is nearly done. As per I should be writing an essay now, but am instead updating my blog, as obviously that is much more important.
During these two months I found myself drinking a lot of free Champagne….
This is because of this play – Enron.
The kind of audience we get for this come in big parties, order lots of bottles of Champagne, and don’t drink it all – so the FoH do.


Throughout April I have also been getting to know this man, sadly not literally lol.

After, is it, 6 episodes, I have come to the conclusion that I like him.
I also quite like Amy Pond too.
I am looking forward to more of him, especially the Neil Gaiman penned episode in season 2.
Now about that essay……

January and February….

I went to the National Television Awards with some of the DT girls. It was a hoot! We clapped and cheered along with the best of them. When Stephen Fry won his award it was the perfect end to an amazing night!

I Got my bag. The first unattainable thing I really wanted, and actually managed to get.

I still work at the Noel Coward. We now have Enron, and lots of rude customers.

I went to Paris. On my own. It was amazing and really does deserve a post entirely of it’s own, which I may get round to doing one day.
Obviously I went to the Opera House, and fell in love all over again.

It snowed.
A lot.

University seems to be going well. I somehow managed to pass all my exams and coursework and am now well into the next term.
Also this time around I have made friends with some truly lovely people, who I hope will be in my life long after university is over.
I like the feel of Southbank so much more. I think I was ready for Uni this time. Lets hope I stick it out.

2009 In Pictures Part Two…

This summer was spent at Green Farm Hotel and Restaurant. Here I was reacquainted with some lovely people and made some new friends too.

Also this summer me and Bex had mad camping shenanigans – in my back garden. Because we are *that* cool!

Sadly this year America decided to steal from me two of the loveliest people I have ever had the privilege to call friends. I miss them both hugely and in 2010 – you WILL be back! Even if I have to drag you!

In 2009 we had more snow that I can remember ever having. SO obviously me and Bex being the big kids that we are built Winston…

2009 was and interesting year. I didn’t accomplish many things I started out to, but I did so MUCH more… and I hope 2010 is just as good!

2009 in Pictures Part One….

These picures represent what 2009 was like for me

This is from the Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Premier last summer. I think it practically sums up what that day was like, and yet makes me smile to see how the cast just dealt with it.

This is from December – I took my dad to see Alsion Moyet in concert and it was amazing. She is someone who I have grown up listening to, and my dad loves her, so I couldn’t pass the chance to take him, and it was well worth it. Dad and I then listened to her greatest hits all the way home….

This is also from December, at the Sherlock Holmes premier. For some odd reason I spent the a lot of time in december watching Robert Donwney Jr films. This was the coldest premier I have ever been to and reslulted in me being quite ill afterwards… but this picture makes it worth it.

This is from one of the many memorable days spent with my best friend Bex this summer. Road trip to Alton Towers dressed as Mrs santa. It was a brilliant day, we got laughed at, cheered at and had lots of pictures taken of us. But we had fun, and thats that!

This is from the Propeller day trip to Cromer….
Victoria, Me, Emma and Charlie having an adventure like no other people could have, Shakespeare and the Sea!