March and April….

I went to Colorado to see the much missed Victoria (who is currently in London – YEY).
I had an awesome time, but whilst I was there I….

…may have accidentally bought an iPad.

 Which has provided hours of fun and games, but also has successfully managed to distract me from doing my Uni work.
This year is nearly done. As per I should be writing an essay now, but am instead updating my blog, as obviously that is much more important.
During these two months I found myself drinking a lot of free Champagne….
This is because of this play – Enron.
The kind of audience we get for this come in big parties, order lots of bottles of Champagne, and don’t drink it all – so the FoH do.


Throughout April I have also been getting to know this man, sadly not literally lol.

After, is it, 6 episodes, I have come to the conclusion that I like him.
I also quite like Amy Pond too.
I am looking forward to more of him, especially the Neil Gaiman penned episode in season 2.
Now about that essay……

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