I should be doing a big what I have been up to post but…

… I am rather busy at the moment.

Social Life..
(Whoops ignore the last one lol.)
But tonight I am having one of those epic 12 year old girl crisis moments.
I do not want to see Benedict Cumberbatch naked.
See how pathetic that crisis moment is?!?
Now I go to the theatre a lot, I have seen shows with naked people in. I am in no way a prude.
But for some reason this bothers me.
And I am trying to figure out why, so I thought I’d blog it.
I think it’s partly due to the fact that I really want to see him as The Creature – I think he is a fantastic actor, I really do.
But the spanner in the works is that I find him RIDICULOUSLY attractive.
And there for do not want to see him sans clothes.
Because no matter how epic the scene, I think it will distract me. And I really want to appreciate how good he IS.
Would anyone else have this dilemma?
Or am I being childish?
(it is one of the reasons I didn’t go and see Eqqus, Because no matter how good Daniel Radcliffe was – it would always be Harry Potter naked and that would detract from the show for me)
Answers on a post card- or a comment.
Hang on – does anyone actually read this? The answering would be problematic lol.
Oh well.
I shall go and think about this far too much and analyse just how weird it is….

Dublin, Drinking and Alan RIckman….

So last Thursday I went to Dublin, for a well earned break.
I went with a few fans of this man….

He was in a play called John Gabriel Borkman, also starring Fiona Shaw and Lindsey Duncan.

It was rather good.
The man himself has such stage presence that he could probably just stand on stage and read the phone book and it would sell out. But the real star was Fiona Shaw – she really just stole the show for me. She played twisted so well, and really dragged you down to her level. It was one of those things where you feel bad for the character, but know you should NOT. At all.
I met them both, got autographs, but was far too chicken to actually ask for a photo with him, but my friends did (one took this picture too).
If I had to describe Dublin, I would describe it as a mix between London and Paris, with the 1990’s thrown in for good measure. Architecturally it reminds me of Paris(the big ol’ river through the middle doesn’t help) but the actual feel of the area is very London, except with much more polite people.
But it is so 90’s. The music, the chav fashion. The retro busses and taxi’s.
The rest of Ireland looks like this.
We drove though this, found some amazing views, some sheep, a waterfall and many a wall.
And good food.
The people I met we lovely. We all got on from the get go – and much merriment was had.
Merry activities such as drinking.
Lots of.
Most nights.
And did I get hungover? NOPE! Epic WIN!
But I did become a qualified whiskey tester.
Much Love.

An RSC Hamlet flashback…..

Okay, so I have been in Norfolk-land for pretty much 2 weeks (minus last weekend when I was in London BBQ-ing and handing in essays of DOOM)…. and the verdict.

I knew this would happen, it always does. Which is why I am always loathe to come back here.
So I am job-hunting, reading and watching American TV shows.

So you are going to get an odd *flashback* blog.

I read all the extra chapters in A Writers Tale, about Doctor Who, and one of the chapters reflected a really interesting part of my life, which also made me go back and read my old blog.

In December 2009, as many of you know, I was FOH on the RSC’s Hamlet, with David Tennant and Proff Xavi- um, I mean Patrick Stewart. The chapters in AWT, where they are exchanging emails and mention all the drama about him hurting his back, really made me think back on that month. I remember saying ‘your joking right’ when I first was told. I remember audience members getting angry, demanding refunds, or, in some chances, being relieved that he wasn’t on. I remember feeling SO tense for his understudy ( the lovely Ed Bennet).
New year came and went and we were of the opinion that he wasn’t going to come back but then one friday I aimlessly wandered into the auditorium as usual, to find him rehearsing. We still weren’t told that it was definite, and it was just to see how he was. Ed went on as usual, and so we just assumed no.

The Saturday was already going to be an interesting day as they were announcing the new Doctor (Matt Smith – yey) so we were all a tad nervy. Once again I walked into the auditorium whilst they were doing the warm up, and low and behold, hiding at the back was DT. It was only confirmed about half an hour before curtain up that he was, and we were not allowed to announce it, but took the understudy signs down, and if anyone asked, told them that, yes, he was back. I remember my friend, Nicola, who had seen his last show before he went off was in that night as well, so she was going to be rather happy.
The cheer that went up when it was announced he was back was jaw dropping, like something at a football match. He carried the whole show, and completed the rest of the week.

Random memories from the last night include them smuggling DT and Georgia Moffet in through a side door right next to where I was sitting, which made me jump about a foot in the air. Standing at the bar with DT on one side and Patrick Stewart on the other and my friend just saying ‘this is a bit weird’ isn’t it. Shaking hands with PS, and finally getting the guts to talk to DT, shaking his hand and pretty much running away afterwards lol.
I met amazing people during the whole RSC season and had some fun adventures with them, such as wEDnesday and Haaawkman.
I love how one chapter in a book can make me think back about, lets face it, a rather important time in my life. I am glad it did.
I am now going to look back at the wEDnesday pictures.
And watch Hamlet.


March and April….

I went to Colorado to see the much missed Victoria (who is currently in London – YEY).
I had an awesome time, but whilst I was there I….

…may have accidentally bought an iPad.

 Which has provided hours of fun and games, but also has successfully managed to distract me from doing my Uni work.
This year is nearly done. As per I should be writing an essay now, but am instead updating my blog, as obviously that is much more important.
During these two months I found myself drinking a lot of free Champagne….
This is because of this play – Enron.
The kind of audience we get for this come in big parties, order lots of bottles of Champagne, and don’t drink it all – so the FoH do.


Throughout April I have also been getting to know this man, sadly not literally lol.

After, is it, 6 episodes, I have come to the conclusion that I like him.
I also quite like Amy Pond too.
I am looking forward to more of him, especially the Neil Gaiman penned episode in season 2.
Now about that essay……

America, iPads and my return to Norfolk….

I went to America.

Every time I think this I smile, and add ‘finally’ onto the end of the sentence.

It was so nice to see Victoria. It also genuinely felt like we last saw each other a few days ago, not four months ago. Her family were so nice, and I had such a good time. I needed a break, and that was what that was. We watched theatre, went line dancing, tried on prom dresses at Macys, went into the mountains, ate both good and bad food stuffs and genuinely just had fun.

The flights were not too bad. I would definitly reccomend flying with Canada air. The food was nice, the seat was comfey, and the selection of films was very good. I watched Star Trek, An Education, Sherlock Holmes, Transformers 2, Nine and some episodes of Glee, mainly trash which passed time well enough.

Jet lag is evil. Nuff said.

Whilst I was out there though I did the thing I swore I wouldn’t, and purchased an iPad.
Whoops, my bad.
But it is totally amazing. It’s so nice not having to lug my laptop around with me, and not have to squint to see my ipod touch’s screen. At the moment I also get that smug feeling when I am sitting in Starbucks having a coffee (or five lol) and people double take at what I am playing with. It was also good to have at University the other day, and will be handy in lectures.
Thats what I keep telling myself anyway.

Now onto the ‘bad’ news.
I have decided, after much deliberation, maths and interweb browsing, that I am moving back to the Father’s for the summer break. Nearly four lovely months in Norfolk.
I am going to stick my head into the Odeon, or give them a ring soon to see if they would consider re-hiring me for the summer. It has been a while since I have worked there, but as I have been doing FOH for the past few years it’s pretty much the same thing, minus the retail and Ben and Jerrys shenanigans. I really do hope they will have me back, as three months in Norfolk jobless would be rather painful and soul destroying.

If I am honest I am actually slightly looking forward to it. I hope it will be the last time this happens, but I shall definitely make the most of it whilst I am there.

Which will totally involve commandeering my fathers new jet ski.


Procrastination, Stage Door and the moments in between…

This week I have mostly been spending my time here.In the smallest box in the world.

On Tuesday I had an 11 hour shift and today I have a 5 hour one.

I enjoy this job but the issue is that when I am here I have lots of time to think. I get to smile and say hello to the lovely cast, and talk to people on the phone, but on the whole that takes up about 2 hours at the most, and the rest of the time my mind is all over the place.
The last time I had a ridiculously long shift I had an essay due in a few days after. I have a presentation due in on Monday but I just can’t seem to settle into it. It will be fine on the Monday, It will get done, but once again it will be a last minuet dash to the finish line.
This is where I fail as a student. (and also why stage door is bad for me, giving me time to think) I just don’t want to be a student. I understand that I need a degree, and that to do that I need to go to university. I love learning, I love the people I am at Uni with, I just wish it didn’t take three years. If I could cram it all into 2 years and then be done with it, I would be so happy.
This summer is also tormenting me. I have nearly 4 months off this summer and I don’t know what to do with them. I would love to be able to stay in London, have a proper summer, and get to go to Hyde Park at the weekends ect. I also really want to travel too. But that would mean giving up my job, and losing the stage door shifts I get.
That said I could move all my stuff back to my fathers house, and just go somewhere, and not have to worry for the summer.
Ahhh, someone should just make up my mind for me.
Sorry for the rambling.
At least my posts are getting a tad less materialistic, and more about actual things.