Dublin, Drinking and Alan RIckman….

So last Thursday I went to Dublin, for a well earned break.
I went with a few fans of this man….

He was in a play called John Gabriel Borkman, also starring Fiona Shaw and Lindsey Duncan.

It was rather good.
The man himself has such stage presence that he could probably just stand on stage and read the phone book and it would sell out. But the real star was Fiona Shaw – she really just stole the show for me. She played twisted so well, and really dragged you down to her level. It was one of those things where you feel bad for the character, but know you should NOT. At all.
I met them both, got autographs, but was far too chicken to actually ask for a photo with him, but my friends did (one took this picture too).
If I had to describe Dublin, I would describe it as a mix between London and Paris, with the 1990’s thrown in for good measure. Architecturally it reminds me of Paris(the big ol’ river through the middle doesn’t help) but the actual feel of the area is very London, except with much more polite people.
But it is so 90’s. The music, the chav fashion. The retro busses and taxi’s.
The rest of Ireland looks like this.
We drove though this, found some amazing views, some sheep, a waterfall and many a wall.
And good food.
The people I met we lovely. We all got on from the get go – and much merriment was had.
Merry activities such as drinking.
Lots of.
Most nights.
And did I get hungover? NOPE! Epic WIN!
But I did become a qualified whiskey tester.
Much Love.

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