Five Things I Couldn’t Live Without….

I’m bored. When I am bored – I blog.

SO – Five things I could not do without. (things- not people- so don’t be offended)

Clinique 3 step face stuffs.

Because without this my face would go on strike. And yes, at this moment in time I am being THAT shallow.

Because I do not own coats. Ever. Or if I do I don’t remember to wear them.
But I will never be without a scarf.
A Diary.

Not in a ‘dear diary‘ sappy kind of way.
I have kept one since 1995, and it’s just become habit.
They are boring as fuck, with atrocious spelling and handwriting to boot, but they are mine. Every now and again I dig them out from there various resting places and read them for a laugh.
They do not disappoint.

If you are reading this blog you must know me – and therefore I do not need to go into any detail…..

I doubt there is a day that goes by when I don’t drink a cup of tea.
It cures hangovers, heartache, headaches and, well, I have run out of H’s but you get the gist.
Lets put it this way –
I am the kind of person that will drink tea at the cinema. (but then again thats partly because I get cold in the cinema)

If I got stuck on a desert island this list is what I would like to have with me. (I assume that food is already part of the agreement right?)

Warning, I will probably do useless blogs over the next few days – why, because I have an essay due soon, and am therefore not doing anything productive WHATSOEVER!

Much Love
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