Commuting to London from Norfolk and other tales…

SO are you considering commuting to London from Rural – Land to save on extortionate rental fees? In one word -DON’T!

Firstly, you can’t get a train out of Norfolk on a Sunday.


You end up getting a train for 30 minuets, then a overcrowded coach for about an hour, then you pile onto the oldest train they have in the fleet, and rattle at death defying speeds for another hour, the whole time holding onto the chair for dear life.

Am I exaggerating?

NO! It is that bad.

And that is what I have been dong for the past three weeks. I went back to school (this is what I call Uni thanks to a couple of Americans) at the end of September and have been sofa surfing and relying on the generosity of my friends to put me up. It’s been fun, but it also makes you really tired and irritable.

FIngers crossed that by the end of this week Bex, Kitty and I will have moved into our tiny house in Brockley, and my nomad ways will be over.

(fingers, arms, legs, toes and all other appendages crossed!)

School is hard this term. Law is confusing. Good, but confusing. We also have to do this huge project in the second term and I just want to get ON with it. But there is all this faff before hand.

So this is a short entry, there really are no ‘other tales’ to speak of, but I will do a virtual tour when we eventually move in…..

Much Love.

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