Wild Longings – Curious Productions

Currently my life revolves around rhododendrons and a stubborn handkerchief tree. So what better way to kick off my 2019 Norfolk and Norwich Festival season by going to see an immersive piece of theatre to do with horticulture.

Plants. My life revolves around plants.

Although to be honest I cant exactly complain. Wild Longings was a moving promenade piece ending in a hilarious musical pun filled picnic.

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BAFTAs Throughout The Years – 2009.

Having well and truly caught the Red Carpet bug last year, in 2009 we were a tad more prepared. As luck would have it I worked just around the corner at The Novello Theatre and  on the night before the BAFTAs they were doing an overnight get out, which meant access to the toilets. Because of this we decided to do our first “camp out”-and by that I mean stay awake all night because we were still not *that* prepared for the cold. A work friend Emma had decided to join Bex and I. She was from America and was up for experiencing all that London had to offer, so we gave her the experience of putting  your feet in a bag because you can’t quite feel your toes. Oh and meeting a few celebrities!

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Monday Look Back – Christmas Edition. 

Monday. Is it Monday? Nope – Bugger it’s Tuesday. Lets just pretend right? At Christmas it’s so easy to lose track of what day it is.

I am back in London and at work like Christmas never happened.

My 5 days in Norfolk Land were not enough that’s for sure. If only there were theatre jobs going Norfolk, then I’d be back to the fields in a heartbeat.

Last week mainly consisted of cuddling various animals, eating A LOT of food, seeing some friends and watching a lot of TV. That’s what Christmas is in our house.

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Winter Wishlist – Blogmas Day 3.

It’s finally getting chilly and so I have been rummaging through my wardrobe, throwing out old tatty stuff and donating things I have no idea why I bought. I still have way too many clothes for someone who wears the same kinda thing day in day out, but we are getting around to that.

That said, todays post is about clothing that would go onto my *never makes it into the wardrobe because I wear it so much* chair in the corner of my bedroom.

Everyone has that chair right?

Case and point –  this jumper. 

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A Monday Look Back-Week 5 – In Pictures.

Last week I was ill. Like, you could knock me down with a feather -ill. I am still not better, I have zero energy and am struggling to eat anything. I am SO over it! I am also a rubbish ill person, because I don’t want to stay in bed, I don’t want to call in sick. I potter around and do things when I should just rest up.

It’s safe to say I did not really do anything of interest last week – so there is nothing to report home on.

Instead, I decided to let my camera do the talking.

Here’s my week in pictures.


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Project #364at27 – The First Six Months.

Since my birthday last October I have been taking part in an Instagram challenge, in which I have to post a photo every day until my next birthday. I am normally brilliant at starting these things, with a tendency to fade out around the second month.

But not this time!

This time I am on track and have not missed a day! ( and have only posted after midnight twice, once because I was stuck on the tube after a night out and the other because I was in a pub in the middle of nowhere in Norfolk where there is no such thing as signal)

So six months into the challenge I thought I would have a recap of some of the pictures that stand out for me. I am sticking to one from each month otherwise it would be the most photo-heavy blog post mankind has ever witnessed.

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All Aboard The Torture Train…

I have sorted my life out and re-joined the gym.

At 6 am this morning my alarm went off, I dragged myself out of bed and shuffled down the road to my friendly neighbourhood gym for a Spinning Class.

It’s my first spinning class since November, and it’s going to knock me for six I can tell. Sitting at work now I can already feel my legs starting to complain. Give it a few hours and the tricep dips that I did this morning will kick in too no doubt. During the circuits class I genuinely thought I might throw up. In retrospect, I may have started with a bit too much. Whoops.

But it’s good for me (obviously) and I know it worked as the three months I did over the summer helped me to drop two stone.

Since my membership ran out in November I have been in two minds as to which gym to join. Do I go to one near my work and go before, on my lunch or after. Or do I stick with The Zone near where I live, and just get up at silly o’clock during the week. I even thought about getting some equipment for home. I soon scrapped that idea mind you – I know I would never use it and it would become a clothes hanger.

In the end it was mainly money that won out. The gym membership prices in Central London blow my mind. Even a 45 minuet spinning class can cost £25. Per Class. It’s absurd.

That’s not to say my local gym is cheap. But its much more personal, not part of a chain. I see the same people all the time and the trainers really do seem to be friendly, apart from when they are standing over you whilst you die on the TRX machine. (seriously – who invented that thing!!)

Now I just have to get back into the habit of dragging my butt out of bed when it’s still dark, and remember that I need to eat healthily most of the time. Not all of the time. I am going to the gym SO I can eat cake. I am in no rush to get wherever it is that I am going with this thing.

Tomorrow I have a personal torture session.

If I can get out of bed after today.

Wish me luck!


Commuting to London from Norfolk and other tales…

SO are you considering commuting to London from Rural – Land to save on extortionate rental fees? In one word -DON’T!

Firstly, you can’t get a train out of Norfolk on a Sunday.


You end up getting a train for 30 minuets, then a overcrowded coach for about an hour, then you pile onto the oldest train they have in the fleet, and rattle at death defying speeds for another hour, the whole time holding onto the chair for dear life.

Am I exaggerating?

NO! It is that bad.

And that is what I have been dong for the past three weeks. I went back to school (this is what I call Uni thanks to a couple of Americans) at the end of September and have been sofa surfing and relying on the generosity of my friends to put me up. It’s been fun, but it also makes you really tired and irritable.

FIngers crossed that by the end of this week Bex, Kitty and I will have moved into our tiny house in Brockley, and my nomad ways will be over.

(fingers, arms, legs, toes and all other appendages crossed!)

School is hard this term. Law is confusing. Good, but confusing. We also have to do this huge project in the second term and I just want to get ON with it. But there is all this faff before hand.

So this is a short entry, there really are no ‘other tales’ to speak of, but I will do a virtual tour when we eventually move in…..

Much Love.

Norfolk, Running and other meaningless twaddle….


And once again I have returned to Norfolk. I am now sitting in the bedroom I have had since I was 14 (albeit moved around and rejigged a lot) and contemplating what to do.

I still have a lot of unpacking to do, mainly clothes, but I have no wardrobe space ATM so thats problematic. But my books are all in place, if you can call in place stacked in unsafe looking piles because I have no shelves left.

When I woke up this morning I didn’t know where I was for a moment which was unsettling. Since then I have played with one of my lunatic dogs, and have been for a run.
It was NOT fun in the slightest.

But it will happen every day apart from Sunday (hello – day of rest lol).

I need to think about getting a job. I hope I can go back to the Odeon in Norwich, but they have a new manager so it could be interesting. If not, I better start looking otherwise I will be rather bored. I have worked since I was 13, so when I don’t have a job it’s odd. Like the last year when I was working at the Noel Coward. It’s not because I need to work, it’s because if I don’t I become a recluse. I make most of my friends at work. (thats not a bad thing lol)

Now I am off to feed the dogs rabbits (yep I am definitely home) and do some washing. What a thrilling life I lead.


(be prepared for the oddest blogs over the summer, Norfolk makes me stranger than I already am)