Things you do when you should be revising…..

1) You realise that your bedroom is a tip, and tidy it.

2) Realise you have no food in your cupboards and go shopping.

3) Watch Top Gear.

4) Cook yourself a proper meal…. Something you never do.

5) Find books you haven’t read for ages, and get the urge to read them.

Anything BUT revision it seems!

Amanda’s are solitary creatures…

… you can usually find them in there abode surrounded by books, drinking tea and listening to director commentaries.

They are not depressive creatures, As the adult Amanda ages, they become adjusted to being on there own.

Scientists have yet to see what an Amanda will do with company. Future experiments are in the early planning stages.


Yes I just wrote an entry about myself in the third person.

I am just bored.

I warn you – sundays are even worse!

Becoming materialistic…

I think I am becoming materialistic. (I think thats the word?)

How you can become that when you don’t have many things is beyond me, but I still am.

I am starting to want expensive accessories, like bags and shoes. I could easily live in Primark clothes for the rest of my life, but I really want a designer handbag lol.
This is problematic because I can actually afford to buy one, but I think I would really regret it afterwards, but maybe I wouldn’t. That said I still want it.
Just the one, because then I HAVE one, and I will know it’s real even if people think it’s fake.

Does this make sense?

Should I get one?

Life would be so much easier if I could get one for Christmas, but hello- I come from a normal family, and I would NEVER expect, or even consider the thought of my father buying me one. Things like that do not happen, I don’t and never will expect them to.

even so……


Things I want….

seriously, this bag is high up on the list of thing I may buy with the grant portion of my student loan.
I know I really shouldn’t, like REALLY shouldn’t but it’s so pretty.
I should save the money, or buy something useful with it, but this is me, I know I won’t, so why bother pretending I will.

Finance coursework is done et dusted. Handed it in yesterday. I am so glad I was asked to be in there group, we worked well together, and I don’t think they minded that I am generally incompetent when it comes to all things finance. I love the feeling of having a lazy day, with no guilt hanging over you that you really should be doing some work. (until work tonight)

Have got my Christmas cards ready to send. I have to buy my siblings present, the mothers, Beckys and the secret santa for work. Dad was sorted when I took him to the Alison Moyet gig the other night, which was amazing, she is the only person I have seen live that actually sounded like she does on the CD, she’s that perfect. We were also sitting in front of Lenny Henry and Dawn French, which was very cool.

I went to watch Puccini’s Turandot on wednesday night, which was vocally AMAZING, possibly the best opera I have seen so far. I understood it all, all the narrative and characters, and Rupert Goold’s direction was interesting, setting it in a Chinese restaurant was an strange Idea, but it worked. But the costumes I do not understand. At all. Imagine every costume from a fancy dress shop, all on stage at once. It looked good, it added humor to situations, but if there was a deeper meaning to it, it was lost on little old me!