Winter Wishlist – Blogmas Day 3.

It’s finally getting chilly and so I have been rummaging through my wardrobe, throwing out old tatty stuff and donating things I have no idea why I bought. I still have way too many clothes for someone who wears the same kinda thing day in day out, but we are getting around to that.

That said, todays post is about clothing that would go onto my *never makes it into the wardrobe because I wear it so much* chair in the corner of my bedroom.

Everyone has that chair right?

Case and point –  this jumper. 



Uniqlo BB-8 Jumper – £29.90



It is kind of cheating as I already own it. I bought it last week and it’s the reason I only just made rent this month!

Its from the Uniqlo Star Wars collection that I mentioned in my Monday post and I have been wearing it constantly. It is so fleecy and warm inside. If you are not a Star Wars fan, Uniqlo do a non- branded one too.

Second on my list are these cords from Gap.

Just maybe not in blue. More black or dark green for me.

1969 modern stretch true skinny cords – £39.95

Something about cords screams winter. I wore my last pair until they fell apart, as I often do with favorite items of clothing, so am actually contemplating heading to the sales in January to get some.

This turtleneck snowflake jumper is also from Gap. It won’t be getting this as it is way out of my price range, especially for a Christmas Jumper.


Snowflake turtleneck sweater- £59.95


Doesn’t mean I can’t wish for it though. It’s so pretty and looks super warm for the office.

I have been watching a lot of Jessica Jones on Netflix this past week. I am trying to pace myself though it, unlike what I did with The Man in the High Castle. So far it is working.

But because of this I now have a longing for all of her wardrobe, but mostly her leather jacket.

Leather Biker Jacket – £89.99

I don’t know if I can pull a leather jacket off if I am honest, which is why I have never got one as a good one can be expensive. This one is from ZARA and comes in below £100, so I better avoid the shop and not try it on as I might accidently buy it then add it to the clothes I never wear and regret buying pile. (that pile is what’s off to the charity shop tomorrow )

Along the same Jessica Jones theme are these cute black biker boots from Dune. Luckily once again these are way out of my price range. 

Buckle Detail Leather Calf Boot- £129

This is a bit of a sad post isn’t it. “look at all the pretty things I want but can’t afford to buy…”
That, my friends, is what happens when you live in London. Even If you have a full-time job.


Last on the list are green Hunter wellington boots. I also already own them, they were a Christmas present from my Mum 5 years ago.

Annoyingly they now have a hole in as I decided to put a gardening fork through my boot this summer.

And I got the adjustable bit caught and it ripped off on the train. I think this was a design flaw that they have since rectified, as the adjustable bit used to be on the side of the boot and now it’s at the back.

Women’s Original Back Adjustable Wellington Boots- £95

The ones I have will do and will easily last another 5 years, even if I do get a slightly soggy foot.

But what is a wishlist without a few wishes?


Look! Day 3 done.

I’m getting into the swing of things now. I even have a plan for tomorrow’s too.

So see you then!


Snow Update – NO SNOW. Not even a HINT of snow.

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