Christmas Bucket List – Blogmas Day 5.

So there we go. I missed a day.

Well it’s half true. I wrote a blog post yesterday, talking about getting up at 5.30 for the gym, unsuccessfully trying to get Adele tickets, cuddles with doggies and Christmas shopping.

It included cute pictures such as this….

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset

And this!

Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

All was well until I fell asleep while finishing it up. And instead of cheating and uploading it I am going to admit defeat and carry on with today’s post. I can take yesterday’s blog idea and use it another day.

Today is a festive post about my Christmas Bucket List, and what I want to achieve in the month of December.

  1. Make mince pies from scratch!

  2. Make mulled wine too.

  3. Go sledding – we have a big hill near us – WE JUST NEED SNOW!

  4. Make an ornament for the tree.

  5. Go to a carol service.

  6. Go ice skating.

  7. Go and see a Christmas movie at the cinema.

  8. Create a new tradition.

  9. Take the dog to the beach on Boxing Day.

  10. Do Christmas cookies.

As you can see, a lot of them are food related. Because Christmas is all about the guilt free food.

To be honest my list could have gone something like this…

  1. Eat cheese.

  2. Drink wine.

  3. Eat some more cheese.

  4. Wash down with wine.

  5. Go to the gym to work off the cheese and wine.

  6. More Cheese.

  7. More wine.

  8. Shop for supplies.

  9. All the cheese.

  10. All the wine.

So at least I got a little creative. 

Tomorrow the tree is going up so expect a photo heavy post! 

-Amanda xx

Snow Update– No Snow down south!

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