Decorating The Tree – Blogmas Day 6. 

A late post today, but we have spent a lot of the day decorating the house.

Whilst I was queueing for Adele tickets (successfully this time) the housemates headed to Homebase to find this years Christmas tree. We usually have a fake one but this year decided to splash out.

Our house is very small so we couldn’t go with any of these monsters.

In the end we went with a still 6ft Norwegian Spruce (apparently) and chose some golden baubles to go with the eclectic mixture of decorations we already have. The tree itself was only £15 – a bargain when you look at how much fake trees cost!


Still all sqished up it looked quite small in the corner. It wasn’t until we pulled it all out and put the lights on that it really filled the space. We found a tree stand last week in the big shed sort out, so that came in very useful.

By now we were blasting out the Christmas music and having a rum and coke too!

I personally only own a few decorations but when we moved in we the house came with a lot that we use. We are all about the miss/match in this house so it really is all sorts of themes.

Here are pictures of some of my favourites.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA          Processed with VSCOcam with hb1 preset

I have a few of these simple wooden shapes that were about 50p from Wilko.


I really like the finished product. I am sure things will get added over the next few weeks too but it really just makes the house feel that little bit festive. At the moment it’s only this room that has any decorations in it. We will wrap the banisters soon and I have some fairy lights that I would love to put up in my room. But that is a lot to do in one day.

Throughout all the music, decorating and food being prepared I am not sure the dogs were sure what was happening.



Where as this one just hates change. Any kind of change.


It remains to be seen just how many decorations get eaten. Especially the baubles. Or whether either of them will do what dogs do to trees.

At least there is no cat in the house to climb up it.

When do your decorations go up? Are you an early November bird or do you wait until the last minuet?

Love Amanda x

Snow Update – No snow, though up north they are getting battered with wind and floods 😦

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