Winter Wishlist – Blogmas Day 3.

It’s finally getting chilly and so I have been rummaging through my wardrobe, throwing out old tatty stuff and donating things I have no idea why I bought. I still have way too many clothes for someone who wears the same kinda thing day in day out, but we are getting around to that.

That said, todays post is about clothing that would go onto my *never makes it into the wardrobe because I wear it so much* chair in the corner of my bedroom.

Everyone has that chair right?

Case and point –  this jumper. 

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Autumn Days Are Here Again….

It’s that most wonderful time of the year! No – not Christmas… AUTUMN!

Jumpers and scarves, crunchy leaves and that bonfire smell that seems to linger in the evening.

A bonus is also the London Underground not being a hot sweaty mess anymore.

Having just returned from the Florida Keys I am now delighting in packing away all my summer clothes and getting ready for the winter. I already have many well-loved jumpers that I run back to every autumn. I am not the kind of girl who cares that their clothes are getting a bit old and have been in many a photo.

That said, it is a good excuse to buy a few new ones!

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Wishlist – Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt…

I’ve been a fan of Jo Malone since my first year at university. I got the old student loan, went shopping mad and fell in love with a scent called Lime Basil and Mandarin. I’ve used about three bottles of said cologne since, and have ventured into other scents too. Earl Grey and Cucumber is my second favourite, and each christmas I buy myself the mini collection.

But I have always come back to Lime Basil and Mandarin.

Currently the blogging community is in love with the new Wood Sage and Sea Salt cologne, so after hearing so much about it I headed off to the Covent Garden Boutique to give it a try.

It was love at first spritz.

I grew up in North Norfolk, and this reminds me of home so much. It’s Blakeney and Cromer in the autumn, It’s winter walks on the beach after a storm. Basically home in a bottle.

I thought Jo Malone had already achieved this in 2012 when they released the Blackberry and Bay scent (dog walking and apple and blackberry picking is what it reminded me of) but they have hit the nail on the head once more. Even the marketing is making me really look forward to having a break back home soon.

Right now I can afford to spend £40 on a new fragrance, what with my current job ending September 13th and my next job not secured yet.

So Jo Malone gets my inaugural Wishlist post, but rest assured, when I receive the first pay check of my next job, I’ll be popping down to Covent Garden, getting a free hand massage and buying myself a new autumn scent.

Whats your favourite Jo Malone scent, do you layer or are you a single cologne kinda person?

Much Love,


P.S – all the photos belong to Jo Malone.

In which Elie Saab breaks my heart….

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I am short. 5ft3 to be precise.

And I don’t mind, 95% of the time I am absolutely fine with my height.

Then once or twice a year, Elie Saab comes along a rips my heart out.

For those of you who don’t know, Elie Saab is a Lebanese designer, who among other things designs the most amazing  haute couture dresses.
We are talking layers and layers of organza, tulle, lace and sequins. In every colour of the rainbow.
If I could have any person dress me for life it would be him. Even if sometimes I find his ready-to-wear a little too structured, he will always blow me away two seconds later.

I only have one small problem.

My height.

Now before we get into this let me show you some of his creations.


And its nothing to do with my clothes size. Ive looked at his dresses when I was in NYC last October, they go up to real people sizes too, and the whole point of haute couture is that they are made for YOU personally.

But anyone under 5ft7 wouldn’t look right in one of his dresses. Unless you wore heels so high that you better not be expected to walk anywhere, say, a red carpet or anything. You could have it altered, but the beauty of the way it hangs, how it makes you seem to glide, that would be lost.

It wouldn’t sit right on me, even if I was a size 6.

Last week was Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week, and believe it or not I am interested in fashion, so all the blogs and websites I read daily were filled to the brim with the things my dreams are made of, and my bank account has nightmares about.
I enjoy watching the shows that are the kind of clothes that I would never be able to afford.
Or have anywhere to wear them.

I am strictly a jeans and jumper girls, who enjoys looking.

And wishing.

So one again, Paris Fashion Week has hit me where it hurts.

Thanks a lot Elie Saab.

– A


The day I finally find someone who wants to spend the rest of there life with me, we are going to Elie Saab bridal. Just to look. Because each dress probably costs about the same amount of money a normal persons entire wedding costs.

But look.

Le Sigh……