Getting That Festive Feeling – Blogmas day 2. 

Yesterdays post has made me dig out my copy of Little Women ready for Christmas.

As I said yesterday I got this copy from the back of an old bookshop somewhere in Norfolk. At some point someone – maybe even me- has spilt something over it, and it’s really really tatty, but it always comes with me when I move house.

Interspersed throughout the book are pictures of important scenes. As it’s such an old book it’s on really heavy paper and genuinely looks like someone has hand typed it. I am sure it’s worth absolutely nothing as I got  it for 50p, but even so, I don’t think I could bare to part with it as it’s been with me for so long.

I dig this out once the decorations are up, and try and make it last the month. I mean I could read it all in one go quite happily and have done so many a time, but at Christmas I want to make it last.

Depending on the time of day I’m reading, it could be a cup of coffee, a hot chocolate or even a glass of Malbec. I’ve never had a house that has a fireplace but I imagine if I did, I’d be reading the book in front of it. That said early this year I bought a fleecy tartan blanket so I will totally be wrapping up in that.  Put a bit of Josh Groban on in the background and I am THE dictionary definition of a Christmas stereotype.

I haven’t done that yet lol – maybe this year! ( No seriously, as I write this I am blasting out Faith Hill’s Christmas CD. I have awful taste in christmas music.)

This December I am determined to learn to make my own mulled wine, and some decent mince pies. No cheating with readymade pastry! Maybe at the same time so I  can drown my sorrows when the mince pies ultimately go wrong.

I can cheer myself up with a glass and a chapter of Little Women.

Sooner or later I will cave and watch the film. That definitely happens with a glass of wine and some cheese. In December my cheese intake goes through the roof!

Are there any books that you especially love to read over Christmas. Do you have any copies that are special to you? I’d love to hear about them.

Look at that – I made it to Blogmas day 2!

Maybe I shall see you tomorrow.


Snow Update – No snow 😦

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