Becoming materialistic…

I think I am becoming materialistic. (I think thats the word?)

How you can become that when you don’t have many things is beyond me, but I still am.

I am starting to want expensive accessories, like bags and shoes. I could easily live in Primark clothes for the rest of my life, but I really want a designer handbag lol.
This is problematic because I can actually afford to buy one, but I think I would really regret it afterwards, but maybe I wouldn’t. That said I still want it.
Just the one, because then I HAVE one, and I will know it’s real even if people think it’s fake.

Does this make sense?

Should I get one?

Life would be so much easier if I could get one for Christmas, but hello- I come from a normal family, and I would NEVER expect, or even consider the thought of my father buying me one. Things like that do not happen, I don’t and never will expect them to.

even so……


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