Norfolk, Running and other meaningless twaddle….


And once again I have returned to Norfolk. I am now sitting in the bedroom I have had since I was 14 (albeit moved around and rejigged a lot) and contemplating what to do.

I still have a lot of unpacking to do, mainly clothes, but I have no wardrobe space ATM so thats problematic. But my books are all in place, if you can call in place stacked in unsafe looking piles because I have no shelves left.

When I woke up this morning I didn’t know where I was for a moment which was unsettling. Since then I have played with one of my lunatic dogs, and have been for a run.
It was NOT fun in the slightest.

But it will happen every day apart from Sunday (hello – day of rest lol).

I need to think about getting a job. I hope I can go back to the Odeon in Norwich, but they have a new manager so it could be interesting. If not, I better start looking otherwise I will be rather bored. I have worked since I was 13, so when I don’t have a job it’s odd. Like the last year when I was working at the Noel Coward. It’s not because I need to work, it’s because if I don’t I become a recluse. I make most of my friends at work. (thats not a bad thing lol)

Now I am off to feed the dogs rabbits (yep I am definitely home) and do some washing. What a thrilling life I lead.


(be prepared for the oddest blogs over the summer, Norfolk makes me stranger than I already am)

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