Wild Longings – Curious Productions

Currently my life revolves around rhododendrons and a stubborn handkerchief tree. So what better way to kick off my 2019 Norfolk and Norwich Festival season by going to see an immersive piece of theatre to do with horticulture.

Plants. My life revolves around plants.

Although to be honest I cant exactly complain. Wild Longings was a moving promenade piece ending in a hilarious musical pun filled picnic.

Devised by Curious, who have been creating work for the last 20 years. “they have produced over 40 works investigating questions of digital technologies, place and placelessness, the politics of violence, the sense of smell and gut feelings.”


Wild Longings takes place in Norwich’s Plantation Garden, a place I never knew existed and recommend everyone take some time to explore. A small sunken garden 5 mins walk from Chapelfield Gardens, you will not be disappointed in this small patch of wonder in the middle of a thriving city. The sounds of the city fade away instantly when you step inside.

And the Wild Longings cast certainly make the most of this beautiful intimate space, leading the audience on a journey throughout the garden, wearing headphones to encompass you entirely in what your guide is saying. I adore theatre that makes you think. Without making you think that it is making you think.


You come back to my blog for posts that make perfect sense!

The audience are guided round by a character who’s passion about the surrounding garden makes you listen and laugh- she truly feels like she belongs in the Plantation Garden. You spend time down on the ground with the plants soaking up the ambiance. We see nature and the future of the planet earth through a child’s eyes. It really makes you stop and think about what we are leaving for the future generations. The moments of lightheartedness are interspersed with moments that concern, and I think that the company want you to come away from the show reminded that there is an issue, and now is time to reconnect with nature.

I don’t want to say too much about the stories told in the production, it deserves to be heard first hand from the cast of fantastic story tellers. I also imagine it changes slightly from location to location, which makes me wish I could see it again in a different setting. Wild Longings is a really special piece of theatre and Curious are now a company I will keep an eye out for in the future!

Sadly this was the last performance in norwich, but they tour to 2 Degrees Festival and Knotty in Hastings, in June. Curious also hold workshops and courses, head on over to their website for more information.

Such a fun start to my festival.

Stay tuned for more!

**Ticket gifted for reviewing purposes, but production choice, thoughts and opinions are my own.**

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