Crossing The Finish Line – Day Four of Walking the Norfolk Coast Path

I spent my last morning on the Curlew Walking Holiday really making the most of my incredible accommodation. As much as I would have loved to sleep in I didn’t. But I did relax my way through the morning, with some granola, apple juice and coffee. I wrote in the guest book and soaked up the atmosphere of the tent and the campsite. 

This trip has really given me something special.

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Seals and Shingle – Day Three of Walking the Norfolk Coast Path

As I woke up on the third day, I lay there and didn’t dare to move. I was so concerned about how much I had ached the night before and how much I could ache today.

As I swung my legs over the edge of the camp bed I braced myself for the inevitable twinge…

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Wild Longings – Curious Productions

Currently my life revolves around rhododendrons and a stubborn handkerchief tree. So what better way to kick off my 2019 Norfolk and Norwich Festival season by going to see an immersive piece of theatre to do with horticulture.

Plants. My life revolves around plants.

Although to be honest I cant exactly complain. Wild Longings was a moving promenade piece ending in a hilarious musical pun filled picnic.

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My First Peak- Hiking Passage Peak on Hamilton Island

I love to walk. I walk a lot in Norfolk, but the thing about Norfolk is it is rather flat.

Ok- now that is a lie, I can safely attest that there are hills, but Beeston Bump aside there are no great inclines.
I have had the hiking bug for quite some time now, but it would be quite a journey to hike my first peak. I’d have to head inland and the two combined would turn into a multi- day trip, which at the moment isn’t really possible.

So when I discovered that the island in the Whitsundays I would be staying on had a peak I made a note in my notebook that I would be doing it.

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Sheringham to Cromer on Foot.

Yesterday I finished work at 1pm and had “nothing to do.”

The weather was stunning so I decided to walk the 5(ish) miles along the coast from Sheringham to Cromer.  It’s something I have been thinking about doing for a while – but as it says above, “travel procrastinator.” I should change that to “adventure and travel procrastinator” now, as I am always having ideas but no way to actually do them.

Sure this was a micro adventure- but it was an adventure none the less.

Before I left I did my checks!

Make a cup of tea- check!

Change into walking boots-check!

Check with local RNLI Crewmember if I was going to get cut off by the tide and down-



I was all good to go!

( I do work with the RNLI guy so when we changed over at work he was the one to ask- he has an app for tides and everything!)

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Grand Canyon South Rim Tour 

As soon as we started talking about our trip to Las Vegas we all agreed there was no way we were not visiting the Grand Canyon. There were so many tour options out there, ranging through all sorts of prices, with helicopter rides, raft rides, MULE rides and bright pink hummers.

After much discussion and many a google, we went with the Platinum South Rim Tour of The Grand Canyon – booked through Papillon Tours but in the end the actual tour operator was Gray Line. Our tour came in at £140 but as you can see through the links above, it pays to shop about as the same tour can cost a lot less on different sites. (Especially if you were on a tight budget like I was)

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Being a Lunchtime Tourist.

Last week I got a Fitbit, and it’s sort of changed my lunch breaks for the good! Whilst I am going to do a post on my Fitbit in a month or so when I can really see what I have achieved, I thought I would write a little on the things I have discovered whilst walking more around London.

I work right next to St James Park, but never take much advantage of it. Whilst on weekends and in school breaks it can be quite hellish to navigate, between the hours of 2-3 it can be quite nice to have a stroll around. You can often hear the echos of the Changing of the Guard as the band are walking back to barracks. Last week there was the WI Centenary Event at Buckingham Palace, so there were a lot of very well dressed ladies holding on to their hats, clearly excited about their trip. It’s always an ever changing atmosphere that can make the same walk each day different.

Daisy. Giant Daisy

Shasta daisies are my fave!

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Bank Holiday Adventures and a week with Bonsai Socks…

This past weekend was a bank holiday weekend, where people who have normal jobs get three days off. I work in theatre so it would have still been just a Sunday weekend for me, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have just gone dark for two weeks pre Elephant Man. So I got a two day weekend for the first time in ages.

What do people do on two-day weekends? Laundry? Housework? Car boots?

Bex and I had heard about a car boot near us that was starting up this weekend, so of we trotted to find it.

And it wasn’t there! I was really looking forward to rummaging through stuff that people don’t want anymore and buying useless tat that I don’t even need. But it was not to be. To cheer us up, we went for a dirty fry up at our favourite builders cafe and ate WAY too much food.

Whilst we were recovering from our food coma, I remembered that there was a country fair on at out local National Trust property – Morden Hall. Being country girls ourselves, we decided to go and see just how country a London country fair could be.

There were beekeepers, and cider makers, as well as lambs and goats and pigs too! Being the children that we are we spent well over an hour feeding the lambs and various other animals.

Lamb. Black Sheep. Cute.

Bex made some new friends!

As the weather had been pretty horrid that morning, we were well dressed for wandering around outside in soggy grass. Not quite welly boot weather, but walking boots and warm socks were needed! Due to the weather it was also quite quiet when we got there, hence all the time spent with the animals without any children in the way. We managed to get ringside seats to the Jive Pony and falconry shows, which were entertaining, and the falconry one was quite educational too!

Animal Coll

As the day went on, the weather got better and the families started to arrive. We went to give the sheep one last pet, and then left to let the kids have a play. The rest of the day mainly consisted of dog walking and not eating due to the epicness of breakfast!

The past week has actually been quite a busy one, I’ve gone back to work at Regents Park Open Air Theater for the summer season, so have had training sessions there as well as my normal work at the Haymarket. So it’s been a good week for me to test out a pair of Bonsai Bamboo Organic Natural socks that I was kindly sent last week. They arrived in a really cute recycled box with no excess faffy packaging. (It still bugs me when companies like Amazon send you really small things in massive boxes!)

Small box. Bonsai socks.

The thing that caught my attention instantly was how they were not really chunky. This means I can go from wearing my walking boots and wellingtons to get to work and then change into my work shoes without having to change my socks. But their lack of chunkiness doesn’t detract from just how soft and comfy they are too. I was actually really glad that I didn’t have to take them off when I got to work and had toasty warm feet all day!

Ducklings. Duck. Regents Park.

The ducklings in Regents Park steal my heart every year they are SO cute!

River. Regents Park. Bamboo socks.

Chilling by the river on my lunch!

By being made of 95% bamboo these socks are moisture wicking, and the material is really breathable. Walking around a lot I get really warm feet, but these socks are all about keeping your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter ( and stink free ALL YEAR ROUND due to the antibacterial nature of the fabric-WOO!) I am looking forward to wearing these socks next February when we camp for the BAFTAS. I may have found the solution to my inevitable cold feet!

Another fun thing about these socks is that I would be confident wearing these socks both in the Norfolk countryside and in Central London, Which I have done a few times already as you can see! They are comfortable and practical  – and yet look really cool to boot (he he).

Trafalgar Square. London.

A classic wet and miserable London day where I am glad my feet are toasty and warm!

The colour that I am wearing is the London appropriate Big Red Bus, but the other colours on their website have also caught my eye, such as the Bella Blue shade and Bonsai Green.

Bamboo Socks. Bonsai. Grass.

Bamboo is a material that is sustainable and thrives naturally in the wild. It grows in areas where nothing else can and needs very little water to survive.

These year round socks would make a good gift for ramblers in your life, or anyone who walks dogs or wears wellingtons (the fabric doesn’t slip down your leg every five minutes). Head on over to their website to find our more about them and tell me in the comments what colour socks you’d go for!




Thank you so much to the team at Bonsai Socks for sending me the socks to try out. You’ve made my feet much more comfortable!

Much Love,