The Start of Summer….

Over the last few weeks the weather has been pretty amazing, we keep getting these little blasts of summer. This has been lovely as I am back working at Regents Park Open Air Theatre for the summer, and we need good weather for that!

On the first of the hot days I headed straight for the Amorino Ice Cream Parlor just outside Leicester Square. I first had their ice cream last august in Paris – where the queue was out the door and down the street. They have a few stores in London now, which I always save for a special treat. That said – the queues can be horrific there at weekends.

This week started with an early morning train to Norfolk to see the family before heading off on a road trip with Laura and Kat to see BUSTED *insert teenage squee here* in Sheffield. I’d had a late night the night before so a bucket of coffee was needed. As then I was still on crutches I had to drink it in as you can’t carry anything when using crutches. Trust me – I didn’t realise just how much I did with my hands when I was walking to work before the only thing I could do was walk to work.

Going back to Norfolk is always like a *literal* breath of fresh air. As the train draws closer to Norwich I can feel myself unwinding.

I have made this journey so many times I have lost count- but I always find myself watching the world fly by outside my window.

How can you not with views like this?

I spent a few hours at my old college with my mum , catching up whilst she was on her lunch break, before heading across town to my dads work.

Dads work had puppies. Safe to say I spent a lot of time on the floor playing with this rascal, as well two other dogs that have the run of the place!

Look at that face – it says put down the phone and give me more belly rubs please and thank you!

One of the things I always do as soon as I get home is go for a walk with our fat old Labrador called Star. This time I had to get my brother to walk her and I went with, as once again you can’t hold crutches and a dog lead. And god forbid she see something and pull hard…


Norfolk is holding on to the last moments of spring. There are still bluebells and forget-me-nots having one final bloom before summer sets in. Fields of rape seed dominate the horizon and it’s just SO green.

In the early spring we had sheep in the field, and whilst we are waiting for the cows it appears we have deer! I wanted to see it jump the fence but I turned away for 2 seconds and it was gone!

My stay in Norfolk was much too brief, but even in just those 24 hours she reminded me how much I love her peace and quiet. Even the next morning she was still showing off- look at that blue sky. But it was time to head up north!

The last time I was in Sheffield it was to see Steps in concert – I must have been about 11 years old. My dad came with me.

This time it was to see Busted! The split up when I was around 16 and I didn’t get a chance to see them live.

But they were worth the wait!

Emma Blackery and Wheatus *insert another teenage girl squee here* were the support acts, and by the time that Busted came on we had well and truly gone back 1o years! They sounded fab, and played a good mixture of well known classics as well as a few new songs they had been working on since getting back together.

The audience was a mixture of us “oldies” and then teenagers who have discovered them through their tour last year as McBusted. It was pretty much sold out and the atmosphere was electric.

It was so nice to be there with Laura and Kat. We had a good catch up as we sometimes don’t see each other for ages. But it’s safe to say when we do we don’t shut up!

The pig masks on the other hand were extremely creepy!

I very rarely go to concerts like this – I am in and out of theatres more than I am at home, but being in venues such as this is always a different experience for me, and when there is silence and then the act get the crowd to sing along – I get proper shivers down my spine!

I need to go to more concerts like this!

-Amanda xx




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