The Pure Scent Candles.

For me, candles are normally a winter thing. In the summer I love to have the windows open and let the breeze through the house ( and the spiders too eeeek!) so burning a candle would seem a bit like a waste of money.

But there are some times when its a typical British summer, raining and miserable and just WET when you need to just relax, read a book and maybe burn a candle.

That is when I head towards the fresher scented candles, such as linen, or my old faithful (and now all used up) Jo Malone Lime Basil and Mandarin. I want the freshness of spring on those dark moody days. In winter I gravitate towards festive sweet smells, or woody log burning scents. But summer is all about freshness.

The candles that I am trying out this summer are from a London based company called The Pure Scent. They are homemade, hand poured candles, using 100% pure organic soy wax and natural essential oils and fragrances.

They have a range of scents, from Vanilla and Rose to Musk and Sandalwood. I am trying out the Vanilla and the Bergamot scents. Vanilla just because it’s a scent I haven’t ever tried before at any time of year, and Bergamot because that seems like a fresh and summery scent.

They come in a really simple but pretty and secure packaging, with notes on usage and the candle itself. The tin seems very sturdy and the opaque glass is nice because it will always look good even if the candle is half burnt.

So far I have only lit the Bergamot candle. When I get new candles I always burn them for the recommended initial burn time just to make sure they stay even ( and pretty lol). As I was spending a lot of time downstairs that day I lit it and let it burn for 3 hours and it truly infused the whole of the downstairs area with a faint orange scent as well as a generally just crisp and fresh aroma.( yes I need to learn to describe scents.)

With 250 g of pure soy wax, this candle has an approximate burning time of 45 hours – which is more than enough time for this summer, and maybe even a bit of time in the spring!

I am saving the Vanilla candle for either when I travel or find the time to run a bath. ( our bath takes an age to fill). The vanilla candle I have is a 100g  tin, which has an approximate burning time of 28 hours.

I’m loving having candles going again, and I now wonder why I haven’t done this before. I suppose it’s been good for my bank balance to be honest but now I am getting on with these Pure Scent Candles, which are very reasonably priced  (7.50 for the small tin, £17.50 for the larger tumbler) I can foresee my candle obsession being a year round thing!

Are you a winter candle burner or an all year round one?

Lemme know in the comments below!


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