A Few Nights In Norfolk.

It’s been a quiet few weeks on the blog front. I had to put my blogging on hold to work on a project and now that’s all done and done I can get back to writing about my totally exciting London life.

Except (hopefully) it is going to get a little more exciting over the summer. I have a few workshops and events booked in, as well as the Star Trek Beyond premiere and quite a few theatre trips.

It’s looking up!

I found myself with a few days off from both jobs this weekend and so decided to head for the countryside.

I still haven’t quite plucked up the guts to go ahead and do wild camping yet and as I don’t have a bed at my dad’s house I thought this the perfect time to break out the tent and at least be outdoors. My dad’s garden is a bit of a wild one so it felt like I was in the middle of nowhere – if I faced away from the house 😛

The tent itself had been shoved in the back of a cupboard for god knows how many years and was most definitely NOT waterproof. I discovered this on the Friday night when I woke up at 3.30 am to discover that there was quite a sizable puddle inside the tent – and it was growing steadily. A quick check of the weather app and I learnt that this was only going to get worse. So I abandoned ship to the sofa!

The annoying thing about this is if I had actually been wild camping I would have had no choice but to improvise and wait it out. The fact that I could just run away home meant that I did. I am going to have to find some friends who want to go out for the night with me, and stay till sunrise.

Saturday evening we attempted a BBQ – which was fairly successful but slow. We had pork and apple sausages, chorizo sausages and burgers. As per usual it was a little too much food but there were some for leftovers the next morning.

This was going to be my little brothers first time in a tent. I wasn’t entirely sure if he’d get creeped out by all the noises. And there are a lot of noises. Pigs. Sheep. Owls. Peacocks, and in the morning we were guaranteed extremely noisy chickens. I didn’t know if this would unnerve him or if he’d be ok so being close to the house was actually quite helpful, just in case he chickened out in the middle of the night.

We took the dog out for a good walk, chatted and set the world to rights. As much as you can with a 14-year-old. We then gathered sleeping bags and duvets and headed to the tent. I had checked the weather and it forecast no rain so all was good.

And we made it through the night. It was both noisy and deadly quiet too. The moon was bright so it didn’t get too dark which probably helped, but he loved it and now wants to go proper camping, which is a step in the right direction. Camping holidays were all we really did growing up and it’d be cool to get him into that too, showing him that all holidays don’t involve flights and hotels – even if that is nice once in a while.

There is so much of the UK to explore.

Sunday was a beautiful morning. When we woke up the tent was really warm, future camping trips will require a real tent, though. I have no idea where this one even came from, to be honest, but it was decidedly not waterproof, or even mist proof.

The brother headed inside and I made myself a nice cup of chai tea and just sat and relaxed in the garden. I have had this little camping stove for ages and finally got to use it. Using only one brick of material it heated up the milk super fast and left no mess. Once it cooled down it folds down really tiny to be used again.

Even kitty came on down to see what was happening. I am sure if she had the choice she would have sunbathed in the tent all day.

She certainly enjoyed the chai tea.

Now I am back in London, but it will not be the last time I camp this year that’s for sure.

Just maybe a little further from home. And for a little longer too.


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