Improbable- The Paper Man

Its a festival of firsts for me this year. First time writing about dance. First time writing about music and first time at The Norwich Puppet Theatre.

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long – its a brilliant venue that I will be keeping a closer eye on for sure.

Improbable have been on my radar for years. The company were founded by Julian Crouch, Phelim McDermott, Lee Simpson and Nick Sweeting in 1996. They came up frequently during university, but our paths never crossed until now!

What do we do when fascism comes to town?

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Fun House- Brisbane Festival 2017

The first post from my amazing trip to Australia is about a theatre show- which was actually one of the last things I did whilst out there. BUT this show finishes on Sunday 24th September so I wanted to post this before then just in case it tempts anyone in and around Brisbane to go!


Fun House was created by Strut & Fret especially for this years Brisbane Festival. They are the same company who created “Limbo” and “Blanc de Blanc” ( both of which have been performed in the UK so fingers crossed for Fun House making the trip overseas.)

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Rear View – IOU

I couldn’t have got more lucky with the weather for my last trip to this years Norfolk and Norwich Festival. Glorious sunshine turning into a stunning sunset totally enhanced this innovative outdoor performance.

IOU have designed a vehicle and created a show called Rear View– who’s world premiere took place here at the NNF. I was lucky enough to attend the first day of the production although with the fluidity of the piece you’d never know.

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Driftwood- Casus Circus

Last night I went on my first trip of the week to The Norfolk and Norwich Festival. This time I was walking up to The Spiegeltent in Chapelfield Gardens. It was another beautiful day so once I collected my ticket it was all about a pint of cider.

I was at the Adnams Spiegeltent to see Casus Circus‘ production Driftwood.

Casus are an Australian ensemble from Brisbane who are recognised as leaders in contemporary circus on the international stage. They have performed all over the world and have become so in demand that there are now two sets of performers on tour. Right now one team is in Norwich and the other is at The Udderbelly Festival on  the Southbank in London. So if any of my London friends are reading this I highly recommend this show. I am sure each individual performer brings their own special skills to each show but the heart and soul of the piece will remain.

At the Spiegeltent it was unallocated seating, but due to it’s unique design there was not a bad seat in the house. It’s such a small intimate space I did start to wonder how they would use the space, but I needn’t have worried, the show fit perfectly.

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Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring.

My first trip to this years Norfolk and Norwich Festival was to see Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. A seven hour production about life, death and the passing of time.

As you can see I wasn’t going to ease myself into the festival slowly- I was going in headfirst with no idea what I was about to see. It’s so rare for me to go and see a production where I know nothing about what is going to happen, and that is what made me so excited for the day.

Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. was created by Quarantine, who formed in 1998. They devise original theatre, performance and public events with and about the people in it. An incarnation of this show has been performed before, but as they use people from the local area and the stories they bring- no show is ever the same.


Summer. Autumn. Winter. Spring. consisted of three live performances and one film. And that is all I knew going in.

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The Pure Scent Candles.

For me, candles are normally a winter thing. In the summer I love to have the windows open and let the breeze through the house ( and the spiders too eeeek!) so burning a candle would seem a bit like a waste of money.

But there are some times when its a typical British summer, raining and miserable and just WET when you need to just relax, read a book and maybe burn a candle.

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#Ihidbehindmyscarf: Crimson Peak Edition.

I don’t do horror films.

Mainly because of two reasons. I honestly think they are sometimes actually just bad films, and two – I am easily scared. Like, I can’t watch the trailer for the new Paranormal Activity film because it freaks me out too much, scared!

So what better an idea than to start a new series where I go to the cinema, scare myself sh*tless and then tell you all about it. (Luckily I am a Cineworld card holder so it’s not going to cost me the earth)

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Review – Memphis – Shaftesbury Theatre- London.


Memphis has been in London’s West End since last September, and even though I am a frequent theatre-goer, I’ve just not had the chance to see it. It was on the list with War Horse, Made in Dagenham (which I missed) and Beautiful – the Carole King Musical.

But I can now cross it off!

On Monday, I took a walk in the sunshine to the Shaftesbury Theatre, took my seat in the stalls and waited for the show to start. It’s not often that I see a musical that I don’t know at least one song from. It was so nice to be going in to see a show with nothing to base my opinion on and no other performances to compare the actors with. A Tony Award winning Broadway transfer too!

I was very excited!

“Inspired by true events from the underground dance clubs of 1950s Memphis, Tennessee, Memphis follows the fame and forbidden love of a radio DJ who wants to change the world and a club singer who is ready for her big break”.

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Bank Holiday Adventures and a week with Bonsai Socks…

This past weekend was a bank holiday weekend, where people who have normal jobs get three days off. I work in theatre so it would have still been just a Sunday weekend for me, if it wasn’t for the fact that we have just gone dark for two weeks pre Elephant Man. So I got a two day weekend for the first time in ages.

What do people do on two-day weekends? Laundry? Housework? Car boots?

Bex and I had heard about a car boot near us that was starting up this weekend, so of we trotted to find it.

And it wasn’t there! I was really looking forward to rummaging through stuff that people don’t want anymore and buying useless tat that I don’t even need. But it was not to be. To cheer us up, we went for a dirty fry up at our favourite builders cafe and ate WAY too much food.

Whilst we were recovering from our food coma, I remembered that there was a country fair on at out local National Trust property – Morden Hall. Being country girls ourselves, we decided to go and see just how country a London country fair could be.

There were beekeepers, and cider makers, as well as lambs and goats and pigs too! Being the children that we are we spent well over an hour feeding the lambs and various other animals.

Lamb. Black Sheep. Cute.

Bex made some new friends!

As the weather had been pretty horrid that morning, we were well dressed for wandering around outside in soggy grass. Not quite welly boot weather, but walking boots and warm socks were needed! Due to the weather it was also quite quiet when we got there, hence all the time spent with the animals without any children in the way. We managed to get ringside seats to the Jive Pony and falconry shows, which were entertaining, and the falconry one was quite educational too!

Animal Coll

As the day went on, the weather got better and the families started to arrive. We went to give the sheep one last pet, and then left to let the kids have a play. The rest of the day mainly consisted of dog walking and not eating due to the epicness of breakfast!

The past week has actually been quite a busy one, I’ve gone back to work at Regents Park Open Air Theater for the summer season, so have had training sessions there as well as my normal work at the Haymarket. So it’s been a good week for me to test out a pair of Bonsai Bamboo Organic Natural socks that I was kindly sent last week. They arrived in a really cute recycled box with no excess faffy packaging. (It still bugs me when companies like Amazon send you really small things in massive boxes!)

Small box. Bonsai socks.

The thing that caught my attention instantly was how they were not really chunky. This means I can go from wearing my walking boots and wellingtons to get to work and then change into my work shoes without having to change my socks. But their lack of chunkiness doesn’t detract from just how soft and comfy they are too. I was actually really glad that I didn’t have to take them off when I got to work and had toasty warm feet all day!

Ducklings. Duck. Regents Park.

The ducklings in Regents Park steal my heart every year they are SO cute!

River. Regents Park. Bamboo socks.

Chilling by the river on my lunch!

By being made of 95% bamboo these socks are moisture wicking, and the material is really breathable. Walking around a lot I get really warm feet, but these socks are all about keeping your feet cool in the summer and warm in the winter ( and stink free ALL YEAR ROUND due to the antibacterial nature of the fabric-WOO!) I am looking forward to wearing these socks next February when we camp for the BAFTAS. I may have found the solution to my inevitable cold feet!

Another fun thing about these socks is that I would be confident wearing these socks both in the Norfolk countryside and in Central London, Which I have done a few times already as you can see! They are comfortable and practical  – and yet look really cool to boot (he he).

Trafalgar Square. London.

A classic wet and miserable London day where I am glad my feet are toasty and warm!

The colour that I am wearing is the London appropriate Big Red Bus, but the other colours on their website have also caught my eye, such as the Bella Blue shade and Bonsai Green.

Bamboo Socks. Bonsai. Grass.

Bamboo is a material that is sustainable and thrives naturally in the wild. It grows in areas where nothing else can and needs very little water to survive.

These year round socks would make a good gift for ramblers in your life, or anyone who walks dogs or wears wellingtons (the fabric doesn’t slip down your leg every five minutes). Head on over to their website to find our more about them and tell me in the comments what colour socks you’d go for!




Thank you so much to the team at Bonsai Socks for sending me the socks to try out. You’ve made my feet much more comfortable!

Much Love,