Captain America Civil War Premiere – April 26th 2016.

I don’t do as many red carpets as I used to. Partly because I work full time and partly because the queueing thing has got way out of hand – the two combined make it quite difficult.

There are however some exceptions, in which I make the effort and book the time off work for. One is the BAFTAs, the other is Marvel premieres.

I was unsure up until the last minute whether I was going to do the Captain America Civil War premier, due to my never ending ankle injury. But when it was announced that they were giving out the wristbands two days before the premiere I decided that I would – as it would give me plenty of rest time between queues.

We queued outside Westfield Shepards Bush overnight on Saturday, luckily we had security with us all night as it’s *not* the most pleasant of areas on a Saturday night. By the time Sunday morning came around we were all extremely tired, slightly damp and more than ready for our wristbands. The premiere itself was cordoned off into 5 pens – two #TeamIronMan – two #TeamCap and then the balcony area upstairs.

Now even though I am 90% #TeamCap I chose pen A – which was on #TeamIronMan‘s side. This was because the spot we wanted on the barrier happened to be there. We were aiming for the base of the escalator as we had fab luck there at the Avengers Age of Ultron premiere in 2015.

Whilst we were around the late 30’s in the main queue, because of this splitting up we ended up with super low numbers for the pens, pretty much guaranteeing we would get our spot!

Wristbands acquired – we all went home.

I slept pretty much all day.

On Monday I headed over to Uniqlo to get this Tshirt – I wanted to represent both sides of the fight! ( Basically, I didn’t want to pick a favourite :-/ )

Tuesday morning dawned WAY too early for my liking. I arrived at Shepards Bush around 6.30 and by 7am they were putting us into pen groups and then number order. This all worked really well and they have clearly improved after last years mess. By 8am we were at our spot (the one we wanted too!!) and in it for the LONG WAIT! 

And boy was it long. I managed to sit down for most of it, occasionally standing up to play with the security dogs. It was a tight squeeze in our pen – they always over fill them but due to the general friendliness of the people around us we were able to pop in and out to grab refreshments and go for many a nervous wee (TMI soz!)

We waited. And waited. 

They eventually uncovered the carpets around 4pm and press and PA’s slowly trickled in. We were given masks and posters, and goodies and tickets were given out by the warm up DJ. I never win any of these things but it’s always entertaining.

By 5pm we were all ready to go. Alex Zane turned up and we knew that the stars would start arriving soon. They kept showing us new clips of the film, which was a little annoying as I had managed to stay away from most “spoilers”- but oh well.

First up was Tom Holland – who is our new Spider-Man! He seemed so excited and took his time working his way around the carpet with the fans.

Tom Holland aka Peter Parker/Spider-Man.

As each star arrived they were whisked away to the pap area for photos before heading to the fans. Sometimes they would  come right over to us – like the lovely Paul Bettany – and sometimes they would go around in the complete opposite direction. BUT that said we were very lucky in that eventually nearly everyone made it over to us, it just took a little time.

Paul Bettany aka Vision.

Sadly Elizabeth Olsen didn’t make it down to us and even though  Emily Van Camp signed my poster, for some reason I didn’t get a photo of her.

Jeremy Renner was one of the stars that took their time with the fans and took ages to get over to us, but when he did he was so very lovely. I asked him to sign a photo that the photographer Sarah Dunn took last year that I happen to be in and when he saw it he was got very excited about it, saying how he really loved the photo. As getting that signed was my main aim of the premiere I was super happy too!


Jeremy Renner aka Clint Barton/Hawkeye.

He took his time with our group, seemed genuinely chatty and friendly, especially with my friend Aimie – who he had met only a few weeks ago in America.

Anthony Russo – one of the directors.

A Surprise Samuel L Jackson, who isn’t in the film.

Even though Paul Rudd looks really sad in this photo I can assure you he did smile and laugh a lot- at us? Who knows, but he hung about a lot taking selfies and signing.

Paul Rudd aka Scott Lang/ Ant Man.

I totally missed Chris Evans entrance so had no idea he was even here when he suddenly appeared on our side of the carpet. This year I finally got his autograph too. I have a history of *just* missing him at events, like he will literally sign the whole line, get to me and then get called away by his PA. This time we were all successful!

Chris Evans aka Steve Rogers/Captain America.

A wild Mark Hamill appeared briefly! He is always so fun to watch interacting with his fans, he has such energy and is very excitable!


Mark Hamill!

Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie came along our section quite close to each other, and both of them were not impressed that they had to sign my #TEAMIRONMAN poster. As they came to us post interview they were able to spend a lot of time with us fans, just chatting away and listening to what people had to say. Marvel premieres seem to last a lot longer than usual ones – this red carpet was nearly two hours long – where as normally they are 1 hour tops!

Sebastian Stan aka Bucky Barns/The Winter Solider.

Anthony Mackie aka Sam Wilson/The Falcon.

Anthony Russo – The other director.

Ironically Robert Downey JR didn’t come down the #TEAMIRONMAN side. From what I have heard, he didn’t do a huge amount of signing as he kept being pulled away for interviews and press. When he was being interviewed on stage he apologised a lot for it, and, to be honest, out of all the stars attending that day he was the one I was least “fussed” about as I have already been quite lucky in meeting him a fair few times at other premieres.

Robert Downey JR aka Tony Stark/Iron Man.

Mark Strong – who went along the line signing and saying “you do realise I’m not in this film right?”

In the end it was a very successful Westfield premiere, and I never thought I would say that. Not too much crushing happened and I managed to meet the actors I wanted to and even got autographs, which is a fairly new thing for me.

I used to find it difficult to take photos and keep a hold of what it was that I wanted to get signed. But ever since I got the Olympus OMD EM10 it has been so much easier, and my photos have got so much better.

There is a touch screen on the camera which helps with focusing on what you *actually* want to take a photo of (not just a random strangers hand), meaning you don’t have to spend so much time fiddling with the lens when autofocus is being a pain. (that was the issue with my old Nikon)

It is also so light and compact and I have now pretty much got it down so that I can wrap the strap (many times) around my wrist and operate it with one hand using my thumb to use the touch screen. This frees up my other hand to hold whatever it is I want to get signed. I have used this camera for the Star Wars The Force Awakens Premiere and this years BAFTAs so far, as well as day to day life, and do not regret spending the money on it. I even have a workshop with Olympus coming up to learn more about working with it, and can’t wait!

The poster was signed by the whole cast minus Elizabeth Olsen, and the directors too. Both are up on the notice board on my desk, one day I will have a wall in my house for framed premiere stuff…. one day.

Has this tempted you to go to a premiere at all?

Until next time!


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