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The EE BAFTAs Red Carpet 2016

Not your usual Monday Look Back this week – as most of my week revolved around our annual camp out for the EE British Academy Film Awards, otherwise known as the BAFTAs!

bafta us

Our traditional spot on the barrier…

I will go into more detail tomorrow about what camping for the BAFTAs entails and the build up to the red carpet itself, as that is most definitely a long blog post on its own, never mind this photo heavy ramble you are about to read! Warning – This is a long post!

As per usual the Red Carpet arrivals started in the daylight which gave me a good chance to get to grips with my Olympus OMD EM10 – it was its first proper red carpet outing and I had no idea how it would react to the ever changing light. I shouldn’t have worried, it was A DREAM to work with!

So let’s kick off the arrivals.

First up in the fading daylight was British actress Bel Powley in a beautiful rainbow dress, she was closely followed by The Danish Girl actress and nominee Alicia Vikander.

Next was John Boyega. This is the second time I have seen him walk the red carpet, the other was for Star Wars last year. Both times he has been so happy and engaging with all his fans, signing and taking selfies all over the place.

Closely behind Boyega was Olga Kurylenko and Inside Out’s Pete Doctor.

Saoirse Ronan- Best Actress nominee for Brooklyn -made her way along the red carpet, and we called her over for a girl in the group alongside us that was a HUGE fan and she managed to get her autograph and photo. It’s alway worth working with the people around you at these kind of events helping each other out, especially if you want to meet one certain person, the more voices cheering the better!

This picture of Stacy Martin is one I so wish didn’t turn out blurry as it would have been brilliant. Stefanie Powers (below) brought all the feather action to the carpet. Although pretty much instantly after I took this picture she put on a warm puffer jacket. It was bloody freezing!

One of my favourite things of the entire evening was how long Bryan Cranston took signing down the carpet. And his autograph is the clearest and most obvious autograph I have ever seen. The annoyed expressions he would pull when he’d had enough of the dealers was priceless too. The picture below is one of my favourites from last night.


Directly behind Cranston was Michael Fassbender. I got pretty crushed by the dealers at this point. Whilst it wasn’t anywhere near as bad as it has been in previous years, my ribs took a battering and I ended up with a few interesting bruises. It’s certainly not for the fainthearted.

After Fassy was the amazing Cate Blanchett who sadly only got this close before being whisked away to the other side. It’s always luck, being at the front of the barriers (and the queue) does not guarantee you will meet everyone. Case and point Matt Smith! My friend Aimie has met Matt Smith at numerous premiere’s but for the life of her, cannot manage to get a picture with him, even if he is RIGHT in front of her and taking pictures with other people.

Matt was followed by American Horror Story actress Angela Bassett who glided down the carpet in one of the brightest dresses of the night!

Aimie at least managed to get a picture with Taron Egerton!

Julie Walters, nominated for her role in Brooklyn, chatted with us whilst signing and, same as last year, told us off for camping for so long. We made her smile and laugh a lot though. (and she still has both earrings here!)

Her and nominee Mark Ruffalo were very close together, I didn’t know where to point the camera.

Sacha Baron Cohen and Isla Fisher were up next, doing my favourite thing and ignoring the dealers and signing for the fans! For those who don’t know, dealers are usually rather obvious, they keep putting picture after picture forward to get signed to sell, often right over the faces of the people in the front row – ruining pictures and autographs.

Kate Winslet was one of the people who I was most excited to see, but we were unsure as to whether she would sign or not. Not to fear though, as soon as she had her picture taken at the foot of the carpet she held out her hand, said “give me a pen” then marched over to our barrier and signed and chatted her way along. She was joking about how her autograph looked nothing like her name (it did) and just had lovely little moments with each fan she signed for.

Sam had a picture with Jack O’Connell, who also dedicated a photo and filmed a message for Aimie’s friend who couldn’t be there.

Nominee Benicio del Toro and writer Aaron Sorkin.

Julianne Moore spent quite some time on the carpet considering she had laryngitis.

All my pictures of Eddie Redmayne this year are blurry ( or in this case include my finger). My excuse is that this adorable man just cannot stand still! He’s so happy and bouncy whilst talking with his fans, and as per usual we pointed out where The Troop were on the carpet. Eddie knows his troop very well and will always find them!


Some members of Eddies Troop!

After Eddie was Best Supporting Actress Nominee Rooney Mara, and EE Rising Star Nominee Dakota Johnson. Both looked freezing, even if Mara was wearing a coat!

When Leo arrived we got squashed. A Lot.

A Lot.

I honestly think he is the main cause of most my aches today. Like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie a few years ago, this man made me truly star struck. It can be so odd seeing someone you have only ever seen on screen right in front of you at the best of times, but when they have this level of stardom, I think it’s a good thing that we don’t  get chance to really talk to them because god knows what would come out of my mouth.

We all wished him luck – he really did deserve the win, fingers crossed for the oscar!

The rest of the group also managed to get the elusive selfie with him, this never happens AND it was caught on the BAFTA live stream, so even though the picture was awful (lol) they managed to get THIS!

leo baftas.jpg

Colin Morgan snuck by during all the Leo madness!

Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje signed down the line – I am SO excited for Suicide Squad – that will probably be a premier I do!

Eddie Izzard signed a bit and started walking away, but we managed to get him back over for some pictures. When we were doing this, Dame Maggie Smith snuck past!

Stanley Tucci was brilliant and remembered meeting some of the girls I was with when they were at the Mockingjay Part Two premier.

This was the moment I had been waiting for! I won some goodies from The Martian late last year and decided that I wanted to get Matt Damon to sign my Ares III hat. I am PANTS at getting autographs, I drop things and am generally all over the place. But this time I was determined! He did sign right past me but thanks to the help of the girl next to me (teamwork yeah!) he saw my hat, realised what it WAS and came back and signed it for me! I think I said thank you a billion times but oh well, it’s going on my shelf of random movie stuff pride of place!


By now we were getting to the end of the arrivals. Even though it didn’t feel like it, it had been going on for nearly an hour and a half. Douglas Booth arrived followed by the ever so cool and charming Idris Elba, who is another person who bounces around red carpets!




Gwendoline Christie and Domhnall Gleeson were the last to arrive, and Christie said my favourite thing of the night when the dealers started getting pushy during a group selfie moment –  “stand back for the ladies!” She is another who really seems to enjoy interacting with her fans and has lots of fun on the carpet, the enthusiasm is infectious!

After standing around waiting for so long for it all to start, when the stars actually start arriving the adrenaline kicks in and for that hour or so you totally forget that you are outside in the freezing cold, getting pushed around and photographed and filmed at your absolute worst.

But it is ALWAYS worth it.

This year was a brilliant year luck-wise for us, we all met who we wanted to and pretty much got the pictures we wanted too!( apart from Aimee and Matt Smith :-O )

Once we were allowed out of the pens we all headed to my old Starbucks to catch up and see who did/said what – and figure out whose bloody autograph belongs to which star. My photos always come in handy then as they are basically a timeline of events so we can figure it all out!

It didn’t take us long to go our separate ways. I missed my bed and needed to warm up, I think we all did. It’s all over for another year but I am sure we will all be back next year, it maybe almost 48 hours of just WAITING, but we always have a good time.

Phew- That was a long post! No wonder in my 8 years of BAFTAing I have never done a write up!

Much Love!


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