Moments in May


Where on earth did May go?

So much has happened in the world in the first six months of the year that it all feels like a blur. I don’t need to tell you how everyones lives have been effected.

In the last few weeks my mind has been buzzing with blog ideas but I didn’t know where to start. This morning I woke up and decided to do a simple lookback post to get the ball rolling.

Over the next few weeks I hope to really get back into the swing of things. I’ll do a little life update and make a start on the many post ideas I have.

But for now here is a look back at my May in lockdown.

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“Wild” Swimming, Patagonia & Theatre Cats!

June was quite the busy month!

I was working full on at both theatres, with two changes of  production too!

At the end of June Breakfast at Tiffany’s arrived after a national tour, starring Pixie Lott. We are its home for the next 12 weeks and it’s all looking rather good. I should hopefully be watching next week so keep an eye out for a review! And keep an eye out on my instagram, as there is a cat in the show and I am determined to meet him!

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Spring Blossom in the Garden

Double Monday Look Back 


A two week look back this week – as I have no idea what I did last Monday, but blogging clearly wasn’t one of them :-/

Last weekend the ladies and I went on a flying visit to Hamburg to support our friend Nancy in her first marathon. We had kept this plan secret for months and aimed to surprise her at the airport as our flight landed before hers.

We failed. She somehow managed to slip past us at arrivals and got halfway to Hamburg city centre before we messaged her and she came back to get us!

Either way she was surprised and very happy that we were there. We looked after her and dropped her off at the start of the marathon before exploring a bit of Hamburg.

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Your Regular Monday Look Back.


If you read Saturdays mini blog – you’ll have seen that I have been out of action due to a horrid ankle injury.

Whilst that has stopped me doing most things, there were a few activities that I had booked that I was not missing for the world!

First and foremost was Adele!

Dad arrived in London on the day of the show and we went on the river boat to the O2. In spring and summer I love doing this instead of getting on the stuffy tube. It was a nice way to show my dad some of the sights in a limited amount of time.

It was a glorious day too!

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A (Wait. It’s not Monday?)Look Back Week 19.

(Apparently it’s not Monday? Having a week off and then the Monday on top of it threw me completely! Yesterday really felt like Sunday.)

I spent most of last week in Norfolk, spending time with  family and friends. I was even lucky enough to get a blogging assignment whilst I was there from the lovely guys at

Spent the day in Cromer on the Tuesday with my Mum. I took her out to lunch for an early Mother’s Day present, as I am never home for the big days. I had a hair cut and then we hit the charity shops. I got a couple of tops, including one that would have originally been round the £70-80 from Orvis, the shop near work that I look in every time I pass by.

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Frosty Hedgerow

A Late Night Monday Look Back Week 18. 

And we are back to your usual Monday look back.

I am currently in North Norfolk for a few days, having a nice break after what has been what feels like a crazy beginning to 2016, what with the overtime, the socialising, culminating in the BAFTAS last weekend.

This week has been a mixture of cold frosty mornings and horrid wet soggy ones, and I much prefer the frost. No one likes soggy feet at 6am. After having a few days off from the gym Tuesday was rather painful. I took Monday off to recover post BAFTA, I really needed to catch up on sleep so there was no way I was setting an alarm for 5am.

Still getting through a book at week at the moment, still on the travel and adventure theme too. Last week I read Sean Conway’s Hell and High Water, this week it’s Call of the White, in which Felicity Aston gets a group of women with no experience to walk to the South Pole. I do love reading books with a focus on female explorers.
It’s been a week of gym and work and not much else. Until Saturday when we had an 80’s night out. We started in Dirty Martini at near St Pauls. I walked across town, through the rain. Lots of rain. I clearly didn’t plan my outfit well that day. I managed to get this picture which I have wanted to get for some time…

In reality I looked like this!

It was a brilliant night. We busted a lot of moved to fab 80’s music at Reflex, which had an amazing atmosphere and drinks that came in rubiks cubes!

The downside was that I had to get up at 6.30 am to get the mega bus back to Norfolk Land. I think I slept most of the journey. In fact, I went to bed at 7.30pm Sunday and got about 12 hours sleep. I clearly needed it.

When I got home the cat wanted to introduce me to our new neighbors, who are dirty and smelly BUT very inquisitive and fearless too. We get sheep every year, but never this many!

Or so dirty.
I just have to stop myself sitting there and taking pictures of their cute faces, I mean look at them!

A little post this week as I am working on the worlds WORST laptop running the most buggy version of Windows known to mankind. Blame my 14yo brother.

I’ll be seeing you tomorrow night with a post that I have written on a computer I don’t want to launch out the window.

Much love,

-Amanda. x


BAFTA awards

The EE BAFTAs Red Carpet 2016

Not your usual Monday Look Back this week – as most of my week revolved around our annual camp out for the EE British Academy Film Awards, otherwise known as the BAFTAs!

bafta us

Our traditional spot on the barrier…

I will go into more detail tomorrow about what camping for the BAFTAs entails and the build up to the red carpet itself, as that is most definitely a long blog post on its own, never mind this photo heavy ramble you are about to read! Warning – This is a long post!

As per usual the Red Carpet arrivals started in the daylight which gave me a good chance to get to grips with my Olympus OMD EM10 – it was its first proper red carpet outing and I had no idea how it would react to the ever changing light. I shouldn’t have worried, it was A DREAM to work with!

So let’s kick off the arrivals.

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Monday Look Back Week 16.

Good afternoon from a VERY blustery and wet London.

Today’s blog contains photography exhibitions about India – and MUCH wanderlust!

And this week is going to be super busy, what with the BAFTA awards on Sunday. If I don’t post next Monday it’s because I froze/drowned/got blown away *delete as applicable*

Bad Jews opens tonight for a quick six-week run. It’s nice to have people back in the theatre, even if it is a very small cast. I am looking forward to catching it at some point in the next few weeks. (after I have maxed out my Cineworld card catching up on all the films I’ve missed)

Isn’t our auditorium pretty…

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