Moments in May


Where on earth did May go?

So much has happened in the world in the first six months of the year that it all feels like a blur. I don’t need to tell you how everyones lives have been effected.

In the last few weeks my mind has been buzzing with blog ideas but I didn’t know where to start. This morning I woke up and decided to do a simple lookback post to get the ball rolling.

Over the next few weeks I hope to really get back into the swing of things. I’ll do a little life update and make a start on the many post ideas I have.

But for now here is a look back at my May in lockdown.

My second month living at Felbrigg Hall. I have given in to countryside fashion.
Rhododendrons at Sheringham Park
Bluebells at Sheringham Park
Octavia Hen being rescued – she will get a blog post all to herself!
Charlottes puppy- our emotional welfare dog!
Some of the beautiful woodland walks I have been on
Now I have passed my driving test I get to drive some of the onsite vehicles. They won’t let me near the tractor yet.
Clearly I didn’t take this photo. The dark skies around Felbrigg have been perfect for spotting meteor showers, spaceships and the International Space Station.
The beautiful parkland of Felbrigg Hall
The Victory V at Felbrigg Hall
The wildlife has become so brave since lockdown. I always see deer on my early morning walks.

That is just a glimpse into what has been going on this last month. I have been working all the way through lockdown so you’ll get some posts about specific things I have been up to.

I WILL be posting soon.


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