June Mornings

How on earth is it June already?

April was the longest month known to mankind… May barely happened!

This blog has’t been touched in quite some time. Part of this is obviously pandemic related, but most of this is me just not writing. There is too much to catch up on so I will just start again, maybe with the occasional flashback.

To get back into the swing of writing, I am going to use this as a form of simple diary. Probably more nature related than anything reviewy/travel at the moment but hopefully back into the swing of things when I find my writing style again.

Most mornings I go for a walk. when you live somewhere as beautiful as I do watching tv/social media seems like a waste.

Sometimes I take my coffee and a book and just find a bench.

Some times I go for an explore and see who I see.

I am trying to learn a lot more about nature and where I live. This is good for my mind but also very good for my job.I am currently reading a couple of books – some trash, some biography and a book about trees! ( all very different but very reflective of the state of my mind at the moment)

Today I learnt that when spruce suddenly blooms with light green tips, its initiating new growth. This is a positive sign that the tree is healthy and the new needles will darken to match older foliage by the autumn.

All the spruce in the woodland at the moment have these really soft light green tips, which is good news as it means they are nice and healthy. BUT we do have a very healthy deer population so I am sure over the summer a lot of the lower branches will be nibbled away.

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