Spring Blossom in the Garden

Monday Look Back Week… whoknows!


Last week was a caffeine filled week. You can read all about my adventures at The London Coffee Festival in PART ONE and PART TWO here.

After the coffee festival I met up with Bex and Mo a for a Dirty Martini ( or four) and lots of chinese food. Mo and Nancy ( who was sadly ill) have just come back from Mexico and by the sounds of it had an amazing time. There was sunbathing, swimming in tunnels and caves, more sunbathing, some drinking and some sombrero wearing!

I am not jealous. Nope.

The other thing I am not jealous of this week is anyone who owns any of the Jo Malone Rare Tea Range.

Especially the Jade Leaf Tea or Oolong Tea ones.

rare teas

Obviously the above photo isn’t mine -it’s from Elle Taiwan.



I went to the Jo Malone Flagship store on Regent Street to learn some more about them and if I am honest I kinda wish I hadn’t. The lady I spoke with was really interesting to listen to, and seemed SO passionate and excited about the new range. She worked her way through the different scents, telling me all about the history and the decisions behind each one.

I chose the two I liked the most ( I like them ALL) and when I told her what scents I usually wear, she said that my picks made perfect sense as they have similar characteristics.

The only downside of these perfumes is that they are £240 a bottle. I am used to spending £60-100 for a bottle of perfume once a year or so ( and have been a customer of Jo Malone for nearly ten years) but that is SO beyond me and my bank balance…

So I will have to make do with walking past and having a spritz every now and again. I work close by so it’s not going to be an issue lol.

This week has started with us announcing a Christmas RSC season, with Loves Labours Lost and Much Ado About Nothing. They play in rep from mid December till March so that should be a fun Christmas.

Just a breif Monday Look Back today as I kinda covered it all with my coffee blog posts.

I am off to the physiotherapist tomorrow to get my ankle jiggled around before meeting up with Mo again to go and see Glenn Close in Sunset Boulevard.

I think Mo is going to pass out from excitement. I won’t be far behind her to be honest!

Until then!

Much Love,

Amanda xx


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