Novus Tea Stand London Coffee Festival 2016

The London Coffee Festival 2016 – Part Two.


(pop on over to Part One Here)

Once I had OD’d on caffeine I hit up some of the tea and milk stands I had seen.

First up was the Teavana stand. As an ex Starbucks employee I’ve been aware of Teavana for a few years now, and have even visited a store when I was in America. Its puzzled me that it has taken so long to make its way to the UK, but the barista NOPE Teaologist ( I think) told me that launch is imminent, which makes me very happy!

I sampled the Youth Berry, Strawberry Grapefruit Xue Long Green Tea,Jasmine Dragon Phoenix Pearls Green Tea and an Earl Grey too! My favourite was the Strawberry Grapefruit – very aromatic and still retains the taste that you often lose in “fruit” teas.

There was quite an epic range of hot teas as well as iced ones ready for the summer. The partners at the stand all seemed very excited about the upcoming launch and I can;t wait to see it in stores and wee all the design and promotion that comes with it. The stand itself was bright, colourful with clean lines.


I then headed to T2, who  I have heard a lot about from Youtubers such as Fleur De Force and Talk Becky Talk. Established in Australia they now has over 70 stores world wide. I have walked past the store in Westfield more times than I can count but after today I can safely say I won’t be passing by without popping in.


Their flavours range from traditional breakfast tea to odd ones such as Dong Ding Oolong and Caramel Brownie. I obviously tried the Earl Grey (again lol) and walked away with some lovely samples too!

There were a few milk substitute stands, from companies showing baristas different types they have on offer. I tried oat milk, almond milk, coconut milk and good old soya too. My favourite was the oat milk, I think it would make delicious porridge too. I still do not like coconut milk.

At all.


One of the last thing I had before leaving was at the Union stand – Cascara Brew – coffee cherry fruit nitro brew (aka through a beer tap!)

Coffee cherry fruit is the dried fruit husk of the coffee bean. The ripe cherries produce the delicious syrupy sweetness and you can make all sorts of drinks with them, such as coffee cherry tea, or even cocktails!

IT WAS DELICIOUS! Like I could drink it all day.

Sadly I can’t make it the same as I don’t have access to nitrogen gas….


…but if I ever find places that serves it- I am on it!

SO that was my day at The London Coffee Festival.

I highly recommend it, even for people who aren’t huge fans of coffee there are still so many other things to do and to sample!

The festival also gives you so many ideas of what you can do with coffee in your home too, be it in cakes or cocktails – or just finding new ways to brew it. Currys have a fun list of 5 Cool New Ways To Enjoy Your Coffee In 2016 – and trust me, the Baileys Coffee and the Espresso Martini are delicious! Incorporating it in food is something I am excited to do!

Once again, thanks to Currys PC World for sending me, I had a fab day.


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