The BFG UK Premiere.

The UK premiere for The BFG took place in Leicester Square on Sunday 17th of July. I have never been to a Sunday premiere so wasn’t hugely sure what to expect in regards to timing and busyness. My friend Aimie, who I have known since 2011 when we met at the Sherlock Holmes Game of…

“Wild” Swimming, Patagonia & Theatre Cats!

June was quite the busy month! I was working full on at both theatres, with two changes of  production too! At the end of June Breakfast at Tiffany’s arrived after a national tour, starring Pixie Lott. We are its home for the next 12 weeks and it’s all looking rather good. I should hopefully be…

The Start of Summer….

Over the last few weeks the weather has been pretty amazing, we keep getting these little blasts of summer. This has been lovely as I am back working at Regents Park Open Air Theatre for the summer, and we need good weather for that!

Captain America Civil War Premiere – April 26th 2016.

I don’t do as many red carpets as I used to. Partly because I work full time and partly because the queueing thing has got way out of hand – the two combined make it quite difficult. There are however some exceptions, in which I make the effort and book the time off work for….

Double Monday Look Back 

Afternoon! A two week look back this week – as I have no idea what I did last Monday, but blogging clearly wasn’t one of them Last weekend the ladies and I went on a flying visit to Hamburg to support our friend Nancy in her first marathon. We had kept this plan secret for…

Monday Look Back Week… whoknows!

Afternoon! Last week was a caffeine filled week. You can read all about my adventures at The London Coffee Festival in PART ONE and PART TWO here.

The London Coffee Festival 2016-Part One.

I was a barista and coffee master for four years, but I never got the chance to attend the London Coffee festival because of the hours I worked. So when Currys PC World offered tickets that coincided with my day off I jumped on the chance.

Your Regular Monday Look Back.

Afternoon! If you read Saturdays mini blog – you’ll have seen that I have been out of action due to a horrid ankle injury. Whilst that has stopped me doing most things, there were a few activities that I had booked that I was not missing for the world! First and foremost was Adele! Dad…

A Magical Monday Look Back Week 20.

Afternoon! Spring is trying to happen this week. Whilst it seems half the UK is covered in snow, down here in London it’s bright and sunny. But still cold. That said, I am making the most of the weather at the moment and getting out into St James’s Park to practice my photography. And see…