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Double Monday Look Back 


A two week look back this week – as I have no idea what I did last Monday, but blogging clearly wasn’t one of them :-/

Last weekend the ladies and I went on a flying visit to Hamburg to support our friend Nancy in her first marathon. We had kept this plan secret for months and aimed to surprise her at the airport as our flight landed before hers.

We failed. She somehow managed to slip past us at arrivals and got halfway to Hamburg city centre before we messaged her and she came back to get us!

Either way she was surprised and very happy that we were there. We looked after her and dropped her off at the start of the marathon before exploring a bit of Hamburg.

We wanted to do a bus tour but because of the marathon half the streets were closed. Instead we headed to the port, saw some of the marathon action and then took a boat tour of the sea port. There is some beautiful architecture in Hamburg as well as a theatre built especially for The Lion King. We are definitely going to go back and explore for a few more days later in the year.

Nancy finished her marathon in 4:10 – and was still able to walk at the end of it! I am so proud of her and am sure she has got the bug to do lots more – where we will totally follow to support!

I also spent a lot of last week dog sitting. Which means my iphone is full of pictures like this!

Over the last weekend I’ve been queuing to get a wristband for the Captain America Civil War Premiere, which takes place at Westfield Shepherds Bush tomorrow. ( click here for last years post about the Avengers Age of Ultron Premiere)

I had my trusty uber waterproof giant yachting coat and a fleece blanket. I was ready to get my queue on!

When I arrived on Saturday there were already 30 people ahead of me. Luckily this was a large premiere so I could be 99% confident that I would get a spot on the barrier to take photos and maybe get a few autographs!

It was a cold night down the side of the shopping centre. I think I got about 2 1/2 hours of sleep. From doing premieres I can pretty much fall asleep anywhere! We had security too which we don’t normally get in Leicester Sq so that was nice.

The rain at 6am not so much.
We were moved inside the shopping centre around 7am and by 9am we were more than ready to get our wristbands.

By then the queue was massive. The girl ( who I don’t know- so sorry) in the picture below pretty much  sums up how we all felt by then… slightly damp and very tired.

But wristband success!
We got the pen we wanted and a low enough number to guarantee barrier position. We chose this pen as it was where we were last year and we were very successful then!


SO I have my wristband and I have my t-shirt! and even though I am in the #TEAMIRONMAN pen I am secretly #TEAMCAP.

Well…. #TEAMHAWKEYE to be precise.

Tune in on Thursday to hear all about it, and find out how successful we were!


ps. apparently I did not press publish on this post. :-/

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