The BFG UK Premiere.

The UK premiere for The BFG took place in Leicester Square on Sunday 17th of July. I have never been to a Sunday premiere so wasn’t hugely sure what to expect in regards to timing and busyness.

My friend Aimie, who I have known since 2011 when we met at the Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows Premiere, was going to be “camping” out overnight for the wristbands at 6am. Because of the early wristband handout she had to camp as public transport that early on a Sunday – Nope.

So I decided to keep her company. At the time I knew I’d be moving back to Norfolk in the next month or so ( actually in 2 weeks I have discovered as I am writing this) so thought this would be a good little premiere to go out on.

The BFG is one of my favourite childhood books. The copy that I still have at my parents house is falling apart it’s been read so many times. For this occasion, I bought a nice hardback special edition from Waterstones to get signed.

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Captain America Civil War Premiere – April 26th 2016.

I don’t do as many red carpets as I used to. Partly because I work full time and partly because the queueing thing has got way out of hand – the two combined make it quite difficult.

There are however some exceptions, in which I make the effort and book the time off work for. One is the BAFTAs, the other is Marvel premieres.

I was unsure up until the last minute whether I was going to do the Captain America Civil War premier, due to my never ending ankle injury. But when it was announced that they were giving out the wristbands two days before the premiere I decided that I would – as it would give me plenty of rest time between queues.

We queued outside Westfield Shepards Bush overnight on Saturday, luckily we had security with us all night as it’s *not* the most pleasant of areas on a Saturday night. By the time Sunday morning came around we were all extremely tired, slightly damp and more than ready for our wristbands. The premiere itself was cordoned off into 5 pens – two #TeamIronMan – two #TeamCap and then the balcony area upstairs.

Now even though I am 90% #TeamCap I chose pen A – which was on #TeamIronMan‘s side. This was because the spot we wanted on the barrier happened to be there. We were aiming for the base of the escalator as we had fab luck there at the Avengers Age of Ultron premiere in 2015.

Whilst we were around the late 30’s in the main queue, because of this splitting up we ended up with super low numbers for the pens, pretty much guaranteeing we would get our spot!

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Spring Blossom in the Garden

Double Monday Look Back 


A two week look back this week – as I have no idea what I did last Monday, but blogging clearly wasn’t one of them :-/

Last weekend the ladies and I went on a flying visit to Hamburg to support our friend Nancy in her first marathon. We had kept this plan secret for months and aimed to surprise her at the airport as our flight landed before hers.

We failed. She somehow managed to slip past us at arrivals and got halfway to Hamburg city centre before we messaged her and she came back to get us!

Either way she was surprised and very happy that we were there. We looked after her and dropped her off at the start of the marathon before exploring a bit of Hamburg.

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The Danish Girl Premiere- Blogmas Day 9. 

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have been attending film premieres in London ever since I moved to London in 2007.

Well, when I say attending film premieres I mean I have been at the red carpet barrier taking photos. There have been hundreds of competitions and chances to walk the carpet and watch the film, and I have never won any of them.

Until this weekend! I entered a competition on Instagram ( @amzh87 fyi) through Universal Studios and won two tickets to the UK premiere of The Danish Girl.

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The Hobbit – Battle Of the Five Armies World Premiere.

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At the end of November I decided to sleep outside for two nights. With no tent.
In Leicester Square, Central London.
For those of you who know me in real life, you know that’s not the longest I have slept outside for a premiere. I realise how mad I am, but I kind of enjoy the adventure. And as this was the last Middle Earth related premiere, it was now or never.
It was cold, I got very little sleep, but I did get wristband number 17. Out of 2000+
So not bad going really.
Early Monday December 1st we all piled back into Leicester Square, got in number order, and waited.
And waited some more.
Eventually we were let into the ‘pens’. I do hate that word but in all honesty it is the best way to describe them.
Once we got our prime ‘Red Carpet’ spot we waited some more. It got dark. They lit the flaming torches, and we passed the time by getting the press to touch the tongue of the girl who had the most amazing Smaug cosplay I have ever seen. (the tongue of the dragon btw, not HER tongue, that would be all kinds of nasty!)
The following pictures of some of many I took that night. 
Some are screen grabs of footage I filmed, some are photos. 
I am not on my computer at the moment so will add some more later, especially of the Smaug Cosplay, and her getting it signed by Benedict Cumberbatch.
Jed Brophy – aka Nori.
The magnificent Lee Pace – Thranduil.
The man himself – Martin Freeman.
Richard Armitage – Thorin.
Eveangeline Lilly – who came out a strange shade of orange in this photo hence the B+W.
EEEEEE!!! Orlando Bloom. 12 year old me would have died being this close to him, this is not zoomed – he really was that close.
Gandalf – Um, I mean Sir Ian Mckellen.
Aidan Turner aka Kili. You know, one of the ‘hot’ dwarves.

This was the only picture I got taken with any of the actors, I don’t normally do them very often, partly because I look like I have been queuing for hours, (which I normally have been tbh) but mainly because I am focusing on my own photography, and everyone passes by so fast.

That said this time round I did go for some autographs, but I will never do that again, because I can’t juggle my camera and the thing I want signed very well.

At all.

Which is why the map is upside-down.

Oh well.

The entire experience was worth it, and thats what matters most.

That said, I would love to talk to Warner Brothers about the way they organise premières. It was a shambles, and my inner event management student was screaming at the mess they made of it. Do not announce very important details about a one off event that people are travelling in from all over the world for at 4pm, two days before said event. There were a lot of very disappointed and angry fans who had arranged travel months in advance.

But hey. If they want to hire me to help plan premières they can!

Much Love

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows P1 Premier…..

So last Wednesday night I camped out in Leicester Square with a bunch of people I had never met.
They were all lovely, I couldn’t have wished for more amazing complete strangers to wait 24+ hours with.
The reason we did this was for the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One (phew) premier.
I have been a Harry Potter fan from the very beginning, and now its coming to an end I feel like I finally have to grow up. BUT not before I do a few more crazy HP related things.
Such as this.

Many of the girls at the premier harbour intense crushes on this particular fellow…

I rather agree with them, but I am not as crazy as some of the girls, they went mental. But he was lovely, came over signed and took photos and was generally just sweet. Quite an achievement in the face of thousands of screaming girls.

Me, on the other hand, I was absolutely ecstatic when I saw this man.

Benedict Cumberbatch.
He has never been in a HP film, So when I spied him through the crowds I was very happy. We got him to come over and say hello, and somehow I managed to hold an actual conversation with him, and acted pretty normal. No sign of the DT’s that normally come over me when I speak to someone famous whom I find attractive. But I spoke to him about Sherlock, and got him to say hello to a friend in the US, so all is good.
Another star who was there who had nothing to do with HP was Chloe Moretz, who played Hit Girl in Kickass. She was very sweet. And anyone who manages to work with Nicholas Cage and stay sane at such a young age deserves a mention.
I think I better put something in about the HP stars who were actually. They all were, pretty much, but they all had to do a lot of interviews so dashed by, sometimes coming back after to sign thing. But I was very happy with the outcome of the night. It was well worth it and I will do it one last time next summer.

If it is only just to see this man.

Gotta love a bit of Jason Issacs.

He is the man.
The only two people who I still REALLY want to meet are Jeremy Irons (I have met his son, and his wife, but not him) and Doug Jones. There are others but at the moment these guys are at the top of my list.
Much Love.